Saturday 31 December 2011

Once Upon A Coffee Break
Viennese Escapes

Once upon a time,
on a particularly icy winter morning,

in the middle of the country side,
there appeared out of nowhere

a beautiful castle
with a restaurant

that offered the weary traveler
hot coffee and the best croissant imaginable
at 9am in the morning!

Coffee Melange
Made with coffee beans
gathered from wild coffee trees
in Ethiopia and roasted locally
So good, I had to
have a second cup

Restaurant Knappenstöckl
Schloss Halbturn

Schloß Halbturn
was built in 1711 by
the Austrian Baroque architect
Lucas von Hildebrandt
as a hunting and summer residence
for the imperial family.

It is located 40 miles
southeast of Vienna

Images and text
© 2011 by Merisi
First posted
2 January 2011


  1. Delightful pictures. An interesting collection of skulls. I wonder if their original owners were served up in the restaurant?

  2. 1.00 pm ... too late for the morning coffee and croissant!!!
    Must get up earlier and have a try next Sunday... !!!
    That was a beautiful ride, thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. White cake, in that setting...I think you live in Fairyland.

  4. ... looks toasty, just in time for me to head out for coffee and a little paper reading ... have a good day, thanks as always

  5. A perfect place for a coffee and a croissant. That place looks lovely.

  6. So lovely. Even the "trophies" were interesting!

  7. schönes Restaurant mit gemühtlicher Atmosphäre, werde ich mir merken!

  8. Such a lovely place to have a coffee! Now I want one like in th ephoto!!!

    Merisi, a belated Happy New Year. May you have happy hunting of new and varied locations for future photos. All the best in health and good wishes.

  9. This castle is really beautiful, and under this light and the snow... a Fairy tale castle !
    Thank you for this marvelous blog where I like to come for walking and visit Wien...

  10. How beautiful -- you make even a simple spoon into a work of art.

  11. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  12. Now that's seeing out the old year in style! Beautiful!

    Thank you for your good wishes my dear friend.

    I too wish you the best, health , happiness, peace and fulfillment, the best of everything and superb coffee wherever you go!

  13. Oh! What a nice-sounding place!

    Happy Happy New Year 2012!

    Best wishes!

  14. Wishing I could join you! Have a Happy New Year!

  15. To finish or to begin the year it's a wonderful place, isn't ?
    Bon bout d'an !
    Buona fine d'anno !
    Good end of year


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