Monday 26 September 2011

Why am I putting a watermark on my photographs? Thieves!

Simple reason:

Not all people are honest. There are people out there who think nothing of stealing a picture and publishing it as their own, just like this lady here:
She would not even bother writing her own caption. Unfortunately, she is not alone. It happens again and again!

Here is my post, with that same photo , my photo, first published October 2010:
Coffee, anyone? Caffé Milano

Of course am I aware that even a watermark offers no protection from thieves.
The least I can do is cry "thief".


  1. That is horrible! I can't believe people do that!

    I have been thinking about watermarks for a few photos and my art, but I have to figure out how to do it first I guess. I've heard if it's a clear enough shot there are people who actually make prints to sell out of Asia. (I will refrain from naming the country)

    Good for you for protecting your work. Such a bummer you have to do that though.

  2. I have to say small potatoes.
    No one is leaving any comments there.
    Except me to complain.

    You are too talented.
    This is a problem.
    I like your watermarks.
    I should follow suit..

  3. Just took the decision last week to do the same with every print of my paintings. It's aggravating that some people are so greedy!

  4. It is very sad that people have to take others work, for sure. When/If I use someone's photo say from flickr I ask first and give them credit of course. That is the proper thing to do. Not many people do the proper thing unfortunately. Your watermarks should help as will be hard for them to take them off. :)

  5. That is just a rotten shame. Hope the watermark works. At least they can't claim it as their own. Your pictures are so good. I guess you could be flattered that they like you pictures enough to steal them. No one steals mine.

  6. I've just started doing the same, after having recently found a garbled message in my spam box basically saying, "thanks for putting all this free work out there." It creeped me out. We can all still see the beauty of your photos, Merisi, don't worry.

  7. i left a comment
    of horror
    Over There
    but they would not print it!

    {{ why does someone
    have to spoil the simple fun?}}

    i don't like water marks
    on blog photos
    i do understand your using

    [[ stealing someone else's Art*work
    is The Lowest

  8. Merisi, I cannot tell you how much it upsets me that someone would steal you unique images. Perhaps we your fans could form a posse and fan out leave messages on the offenders' sites?

    Something along the lines of what dear Carol has already done. I would gladly volunteer.

    The artists united, shall never be...well you surely get my drift.


  9. ay! i learned this one the hard way as a new blogger, but this one is rough - not even an attempt at credit. even though i know the onus is on them to ask, it might be helpful to put a note by your copyright saying explicitly it can't be used w/o permission? might not deter everyone but might deter some?

    also, new bloggers, take note, taking photos w/o permission is a no-no; honest mistakes happen but we should know better. There's a great set of guidelines from design sponge about this here:

    but beautiful photographs as always merisi! you always inspire.

  10. Too true. And so blatant! It's shameful.

  11. Some people just amaze me. It's disgusting. Sorry this happened to you.

  12. I'm so sorry, Merisi. :(


  13. People using internet think there is everything is free. Some of my photos were stolen already.

  14. I am sorry, that it happened to you too. It is hard, but you will learn to deal with it.
    It happened to everyone who is uploading pictures in the www. Yes, to me too. Not just once, and other contexts. Fake FBaccounts, stealing, .. we had it all, but we should not help this people grow, by clicking on their links and even posting there. All they want is traffic and comments, that's all what counts for them.
    I love your pictures, as you know, but I do not like the big signature. Takes the magic away from the moment.

  15. The link took me to a dead end. When I eventually got to the blog,, I couldn't get beyond the irritating background music. Obviously a lady with very little going on in the imagination dept.

  16. I'm late to this post and like Martin I found that the offending post has been removed by this blogger, so at least it seems the message has hit home. This is about basic ethics and courtesy and it's a pity that so many are lacking in both. Your response (and that of your readers) shows that we can fight it though.
    I'm curious as to how you discovered your picture there, though. It seems that there must be an awful lot of undiscovered photo-stealing going on, surely, and most of the time the rightful owners would be unaware?

  17. Just a short note:

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments! Blogging should be fun, isn't it? And about what we can share of our own, also sharing other people's work with permission is part of the fun. I have never denied anybody's requests for use of my pictures in the appropriate context.

    This lady is only one of many, and I am well aware that as soon as one puts something on the web, one can consider it gone. I only felt the emotional need last night to share my thoughts for this once. And this once only, because it is essentially my own free decision to publish online and being aware that it comes at a price.

    AND NO, I SHALL NOT PUT SUCH A HUGE WATERMARK ON MY PICTURES, not ever! It was just that once for illustrative purposes.

    All this makes me even more grateful for all of you faithful, kind and generous readers. You make sharing what I see in this wonderful place I now consider my hometown a delight and rewarding. You are always an inspiration, be it your own blogs or your comments here.

    Until later,

  18. @ Karen:
    Your comment arrived while I was typing mine.
    I will answer yours later in the day or evening.
    In the meantime, thank you,
    big hug,

  19. I tried to go to the thief''s post but think they have taken it down....
    I was going to leave a brisk (!) comment.
    Yes, stealing is rotten and I'm sure it happens often.
    I have been approached on several occasions by people asking to use my photos and I always say yes......because you were so kind as to ask.
    Photo credit please!

  20. well, the thief must have deleted the post, but oh I can understand how annoying it must be for you. Merisi, I have noticed that on a lot of you pics you link to the same pic, but in a larger size. What about not linking to the larger ones? I think it would be less interesting for people to steel your smaller size pics.

  21. Merisi, perhaps the immediately previous commentor is on to something?

    I continue to feel sad and angry that some folk will take the glorious gift of the web and blogging as an opportunity for opportunism.

    Arghh, as one of those Charles Schulz characters was wont to say.

    You know by now that I think that your site is ... the tops, you're the Demel's pastry, etc. xo

  22. I too was on my way to the thief's lair to point a disapproving finger . . . glad she's taken it down.

  23. It is sad when people cannot acknowledge the original creator of a piece of art or photograph. But I have mixed feelings on the subject - part of me likes to think graphics on my blog will get shared around, for it means someone has liked what they found!
    The draw back, of course , is the deceit, if they claim to be the originator. That is inexcusable.

  24. I'm with you there !!!

    As I told you in one of my comments, I do not understand those people who sneak in and and make others' words, stories, photographies (and even ideas!)their own !



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