Monday 26 September 2011

Mary in the Sky with Clouds
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

Mary in the sky with clouds

taking five

with a cup
of Viennese Melange

along the river Inn
Kirchdorf am Inn
Upper Austria

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Merisi in blogland with diamonds :-)

  2. Zosia,

    I was very tempted to write "Mary in the sky with diamonds"!

  3. Loved the photo below of Gilli, the most lovely and absurdly overpriced gorgeous cafe!
    Glad you like my San Gennaro shots.
    A rather sad come down after real Italy......what ever, as they say!

  4. Merisa, thank you so much for your kind and gracious words about my work. Coming from you, a master photographer, they mean a lot.

    You asked about my camera: I use a Canon EOS 50D, and a Canon Rebel XSi/450D, along with a Canon 70-200mm zoom lens (with extender), a Canon 18-55mm lens, and a Canon 100mm Macro lens. Both cameras have the "image stablizer" feature, which is wonderful.

    I loved your "Autumn Song" post ... all of your pictures are truly works of art and should be hanging in a gallery on one of those picturesque Viennese streets you capture so beautifully.

  5. Mary in the sky with clouds sounds like a great title.

  6. that bridge over untroubled waters looks so appealing..
    I want to dive into your glass of usual.
    slurp slurp

  7. I left a comment last week, do not see it, missing you, have you taken holiday? Hope that you are well~


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