Saturday 24 September 2011

More Questions about Angels
Around St. Ulrich Square

Another Quiet Morning
in the neighbourhood

on their way to work,

did not notice anything amiss
as they strolled through the church square

The doorman stoically
listened to George Frideric Handel
on his Baroque-Pod,

while the two saints
responsible for guarding a gaggle of angels,
were squirming from embarrassment

over two little angels at their feet
who were at each other's throats

and would not heed
the saints' admonitions,
not listen to their warnings
of fallen angels

St. Barbara turned
away in despair


in April 2010
around St. Ulrich Square

Images and above text
© by Merisi

according to Billy Collins
"Of all the questions you might want to ask
about angels, the only one you ever hear
is how many can dance on the head of a pin"!


  1. Merisi, this is an absolutely delicious post!!!

  2. Charles Gramlich,
    imagine, being caught in stone, in the middle of fisticuffs! ;-)

    thank you! :-)

  3. Are they fighting for the persons whom they protect?Hum!

  4. well
    i would ask Angels
    a different question,
    if only i could,
    such as
    ~~are U carefully
    watching over
    the ones i love?~~

    {{ are U watching over me? }}

  5. A very amusing post...I love it!

    That man and woman walking with the burgundy that the woman's hair or does she have on a hat? It's difficult to tell...but I do like that pop of color and that they match!

  6. Absolutely delightful. I just love how your mind works.
    Pictures ain't bad either... (:0)

  7. Perhaps the little angels were fighting whether they should be part of a "gaggle". They may prefer to be part of a Host methinks. ;)


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