Thursday 7 July 2011

Two Viennese Minutes
In the Quiet of a Golden Evening

In the Quiet of the Evening
painted in golden hues,
just as the sun begins to set
behind the roofs of the city.
If you enlarge the image,
and look through St. Michael's Gate,
you will notice a Fiaker
crossing the Inner Burg Square
still flooded by sunlight.
6:54 PM

A Fiaker
A horse-drawn carriage
crossing Michaelerplatz
6:55 PM

Luggage Fit to Eat
Of course, one might always try to fasten
it to the back of the horse buggy and
try a quick get away, before everything melts!
Created by Demel's Pastry Fairies


Wednesday Evenign
Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Good points Merisi. I have been using a small Nikon Coolpix for years, because I am usually on a bike I really need light weight portability. I don't think I could carry a DSLR, but I am thinking of getting something with a much better lens. Not sure how big I can go!

    See how in the first pic of this set the bike adds so much charm.

  2. Andre Veloux,
    a friend of mine was very happy with his ->Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38, which he carried everywhere (more about that little workhorse here ->Lumix DMC-FZ38).

    Of course, the open secret about the Lumix camera is their lens quality, after all, they use LEICA lenses, some of the best around.

  3. Anonymous07 July, 2011

    Did you take photography classes here in Vienna? I have been looking for some courses here.

  4. Anonymous,
    I have no experience with photography classes in Austria.

  5. I can almost hear the horses hooves on the cobblestones.
    Wouldn't a piece of LV go swimmingly with some Viennise

  6. Eine Fiakerin??? Das ist Gleichberechtigung!

  7. Oh, now I'm dreaming of being in that horse-drawn carriage, surely on my way to Demel for a little coffee and a taste of that LV 'luggage' :))

  8. I love your colour themes.

  9. Are the locks and handle edible?

  10. Merisi, New York is now entering into the summer days when the heat really becomes an opponent. We must find ways to deal with it.

    I would love to find a beautiful glass bowl with violet icecream with lavish whipped cream on the side, and a graceful silver spoon nearby. That is such an elegant photo.

    May I also compliment you on the golden views of the cobblestone square. With you as our guide, we can see how Vienna finds a way to beauty in every season.


  11. Anonymous08 July, 2011

    That trunk makes me think about Vuitton's early pieces of luggage ...
    I am planning to visit Louis' house turned into a museum ...
    Shall keep you updated !!! And shall eventually take pictures ...
    Is that post a call for travelling ?

    Thinking of you!!

  12. What beautiful horses and what an elegant equipage!

  13. Love the horse drawn carriage -so elegant!

  14. Oh, what a perfect colour combination: the faded gold and cream of the building the light pavement and the blue of the fiaker.


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