Saturday 9 July 2011

Time's Inexorable Flow
On the Green River

My dad and my son
On the river Inn in Upper Austria,
the river that runs through our lives.

I took the title of this post
from Don Willmott's review
of the Robert Redford movie
"A River Runs Through It",
a favorite of this daughter and sister
of fly fishermen.

© by Merisi


  1. aahhh...
    the peacefulness!

    {{ my earliest memories
    with my dad and grand~dad
    were of us fishing
    so thanks

    for placing that image

    once again
    my heart }}

  2. Hi, Pinkflowers,
    you are welcome! It is one of my favorite images, the last one I have of my father.
    And yes, I remember that about you and your father and grandfather.


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