Tuesday 12 July 2011

A Summer Evening in Hietzing

Evening in Hietzing
I was on my way home

from the local library
when I decided to stop

in a neighbourhood
where tourists
rarely venture

even though these streets
are only a few steps
from Schönbrunn Park

The windows were wide open
and while I was contemplating
about the lucky souls living
in this enchanted place,
I heard a child's voice
calling for her mother,

At 7 o'clock in the evening,
temperature was still at
a sweltering 35°C -
95° Fahrenheit -
even here in the leafy hills
where back in the old times
the Imperial family
spent their summers,
to flee the scorching heat
of the First District.


12 July 2010
Images and text
© by Merisi


  1. Nice walk! Nice little story! It's like as we were also there ;) A year ago...

  2. Love that iron gate. Hope you have air conditioinng in your office!

  3. Amelia,
    thank you!
    I have walked those streets before and after, but the light was never as magical as that hot July evening.

    no air conditioning, but living in the rhythm of the south helps: Opening the windows at six in the morning, letting the cool air of the early morning in, close the curtains before the sun hits.

  4. Gorgeous light, Merisi!
    Are you always taking your camera with you?

  5. Svet,
    yes, always. And if I have to hide it in my handbag. ;-)

  6. I am sorry, Svet, I somehow lost your comment while I was trying to answer it. Your comment was "That's why you never miss the right moment! ;-)" - my answer:
    "Yes. I try to learn to behave like an animal, always looking for prey, and hit at the right moment." (something along that line).
    I apologize, I deleted it inadvertently,

  7. Oh, nothing happened ;-)

    I also have to follow your example and be prepared for the right moment)) Must buy a bigger bag for my camera!

  8. Your pictures are lovely. It would be difficult to be comfortable through the day here in Kansas. The days have been 110, 111, 102 and hopefully today will not reach 100.

  9. Idylic!
    An homage to serenity...
    yum yum

  10. Hello Merisi,

    It's just as hot here in New York, and I also follow those southern summertime lessons. Somehow I do manage without air conditioning at home, but admit to being happy to have it at my workplace!

    Thunderstorms due this afternoon, adding some lovely humidity.

    Your photos of this neighborhood show July's beauty.


  11. What a lovely neighborhood! And of course I adore the windows ;)

  12. Wonderful light and shadows on all those creamy colors with their hints of cooling blue...I wonder if the artist who created the sculpture was thinking of the hot summer evenings? She certainly appears to be trying to cool off!

  13. Lovely architecture. I'm surprised tourists don't flock there for that.

  14. Hello, Merisi,

    I popped over from my cousin's site, Tongue in Cheek, after reading your comment to mine.

    You are so right about the early evening light in your photos! Everything has a hint of gold at the edges. Just lovely.

    Thanks for the tip regarding Café Chocolat. Your comment reminded me of the time I missed a connection in Frankfurt. While waiting for the next flight, I found an Illy cafe and had the best cappuccino. So good that I was actually happy for the delay. That good!

    Looking forward to spending more time at your site visiting Vienna!

    Best, Christine (AKA Franca Bollo)

  15. It's hot everywhere it seems.

  16. Thank you all for your kind comments! :-)
    Welcome, Franca Bollo!
    Charles Gramlich:
    More tomorrow night!

  17. Love Franco Bollo's comment about the "hint of gold about the edges." So true, and so beautiful! We are so blessed, Merisi, to enjoy your lovely walks!

  18. What a blissful neighborhood. You never run out of beautiful scenes to share with us. Stay cool!

  19. Thank you all! I feel privileged sharing this beautiful new home of mine with you. I wished I could let you hear the scene outside my window right now, at 5:30AM in the morning: birds in their morning voices, a young black squirrel running up and down a tree trunk, making happy noises (I am told that it is actually a red squirrel, they are black when they are very young). The air still cool - we expect another hot July day - and the sun painting the roofs a warm golden light.

    A wonderful day to all of you,

  20. A favourite corner... as you know.

  21. Gavin Plumley,
    i can't help but think of you whenever I pass through there. ;-)

    indeed, Viennese evening gold. :-)


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