Sunday 29 May 2011

Sunday in Vienna

To Demel's!
Mother and child
on a Sunday afternoon
in Vienna

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Love the hat. It looks like Madeleine's Hat:
    "In an old house in Paris all covered in vines
    lived twelve little girls in two straight lines".

  2. You can almost hear the mother scolding the child to put on her hat, to protect her fair northern complexion from sunburn! Carefree child and mother hen ...
    I do wish I could be heading to Demel's with them :))

  3. I spent a brief time in Vienna on a Sunday afternoon with a wonderful mother and her four beautiful children.

  4. I love the motion in this still photo.
    Let's name these characters...

  5. What a charming child
    and what a splendid image!

  6. Merisi, I loved your views through that rose, but have to admit that an invitation to visit Demel's has got my full attention. Perhaps this is a testimony to the supremacy of certain of our senses!

    In the past few days, summer temperatures have arrived in New York, well ahead of the calendar demarcation. Roses are blooming. I think that I might have missed the glories of lilac walk just north of the sheeps meadow in Central Park.

    Enough loitering just outside the door. Let's enter Demel's!


  7. Zosia,
    oh, I love Madeleine, thank you! :-)

    oh yes, and it would be a loving "Come here, Poppet, you better put on that hat!" ;-)


    Charles Gramlich,
    exactly! ;-)

    yes, we should!? Any suggestions?

    every time I spot them, it warms my heart.

    Vienna is awash in roses, literally,
    and summer has arrived here, too.
    I was on my way to Demel's, must have missed you by a minute or two! ;-)


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