Friday 20 May 2011

Morning in the City
Alpine Gardens at the Belvedere

full of promise rise

out of the greys of dawn
retreating fast

The Amsel
Sings me something well

Of sweet secrets
that the new day will reveal.

Images and text
by Merisi
June 2009

The image of the first picture
is of roses at the feet of a statue
at the southern side stair landing of the
Upper Belvedere Palace,
photographed in the early morning light.
All other images were
taken in the Belvedere's Alpine Garden.
3rd District


  1. The first image of the statue disappearing into sky is just magical!

  2. Karen,
    the statue is near the stair landing inside the building, the sky and trees are a reflection. The Belvedere palace and its garden are full of magic every hour of the day, but early mornings are even more so.

  3. Anonymous20 May, 2011

    I agree with Keran !!!
    Thank you for the details, Merisi, the result is really magical !

  4. I would love to climb up those steps.

  5. Ahhh. In Wien beginnt auch die wunderschöne Rosenzeit. Das Foto ist ja wie gemalt. Herrlich!

  6. Awesome reflection in the first shot Merisi. Its so creative. Love them all and the last one of the explosion of lavendar is wonderful.


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