Friday 20 May 2011

A Grant of the Divine

Did Our Best Moment last --
'Twould supersede the Heaven --
A few -- and they by Risk -- procure --
So this Sort -- are not given --

Except as stimulants -- in
Cases of Despair --
Or Stupor -- The Reserve --
These Heavenly Moments are --

A Grant of the Divine --
That Certain as it Comes --
Withdraws -- and leaves the dazzled Soul
In her unfurnished Rooms

Poem by
Emily Dickinson

© by Merisi


  1. divine.... just divine

    luv saz xx

  2. Merisi, I never want to rush through your photographs and poetry, and so have just now on Friday evening given myself the joy of having a catching up on your most recent postings.

    Each one is a gem, and made my tired brain cells re-assemble a bit and begin to think creatively.

    Thank you! xo

  3. Love it!! Merisi, I moving my blog over to Wordpress. This is the link

    I'm hoping to my thequietone url working there in a week or two. For now just use that one.

  4. Ah, heavenly moments, indeed!

  5. Beautiful moments captured. Have a splendid weekend~

  6. Each post more exquisite than the next!
    Art is the way to heal...

  7. What a gift you have, be able to illustrate so well, Emily's marvellous words.

  8. Thank you all for leaving such kind and caring words,
    balsam for a soul left in an unfurnished room.

  9. GORgeous!
    I love this post!

  10. Really beautiful pictures! But they make me wonder... First of all, what camera do you use? And have you done anything to the amount of vibrance in the pictures?
    But nonetheless, magnificent pictures!

  11. Thank you, Cobalt Violet! :-)

    my camera is a Nikon D300s, before that, a Nikon D80.
    I shoot RAW format, no in-camera sharpening (all digital consumer cameras "sharpen" the picture in-camera) saturation (picture control) at the lowest possible setting. I like the slightly underexposed look this produces.
    The shots in the park were made on a brilliant day, Vienna does have great light. The roses were photographed on an overcast day. You'll notice the pictures are not as brilliant.


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