Sunday 3 April 2011

Morning in the City
Looking Up

Looking Up
Lantern and chimneys

spilling into
a second floor arcade

Pink Striped Retreat
and young chestnut leaves
in a courtyard

in the shade

of a Baroque building
7th District

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Oh, my! That second floor arcade! What lucky person lives there?

  2. Liebe Merisi!
    Ich wusste, dass ich bei dir meine tägliche Blogrunde beginnen muss.
    Ich habe deine Kunswerke vermisst und freue mich, dass ich gerade diese wunderschöne Jahreszeit erwischt habe um hier wieder zurück zu kommen :)

  3. Vicki Lane,
    at least one very kind gentleman:
    He spotted me from his window and offered to let me into the courtyard.

    welcome back! :-)

    It is Sunday morning and I am sitting at my desk with the window, listening to the ringing of what feels like several dozen melodious church bells. They take me back to Rome, standing on a roof terrace high above Via del Monte della Farina, and literally feeling the bells from all over Rome on Sunday mornings.

    A wonderful Sunday to all of you,

  4. Wonderful details. I want to sit on that second floor balcony with yellow door, drink coffee and watch the white puffy clouds in the sky.

  5. What a treat, coming over here and catching up on your last few posts! Babette's Feast is one of my all-time favourite films, and Café Noi's sunny breakfasts have made me ravenous. A happy Sunday to you, with your lovely church bells. The sun is shining in England, yay!

  6. Zosia,
    that would be so lovely! :-)

    Karen @PasGrand-Chose,
    wonderful, sun everywhere!
    I could share a slice of rye with fresh ricotta and avocado slices. ;-)

    (I noticed too late that I somehow managed to forget to write "by the OPEN window" in my previous comment.)

  7. Lovely athmospheres and sweet colours! :)

  8. Thank you! Thank you! This takes me out of my little apartment and opens me to the beauty of the world. I wish I could hear the church bells that you were listening to in your comment above.

  9. Oooooh it looks so beautiful and sunny there. In complete contrast to the drab, dull view from my Glasgow office window right now. Sigh. Your pictures always make me daydream of winning the lottery and visiting all those places :)

  10. With such beautiful sights above, I'm afraid I wouldn't be looking where my feet are walking and I would be, forever, falling on my face!


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