Monday 21 March 2011

The Perils of Harvesting Apples
Or: How to bake an Apple Pie
and still end up in Paris

One apple
One apple,
how can anything be
more innocuous than an apple?
Has an apple ever done
any harm?

More Apples
can you see
the danger lurking?

Dozens of Red Apples
I hear a brass fanfare in the distance,
"Zarathustra's Prologue,"
a new dawn.
In the orchard?
My heart
starts beating faster.

Apple Tree
Laden With Ripe Apples!

I am hyperventilating.
A ladder!
Any ladder.
Or I'll have to
climb the tree.
(Glancing over my shoulder:
Is there anybody else there?
Shudder at the thought.)
Adrenaline pumping.

My Sweet Darlings!
Golden Ripe Apples!

I shall peel you!
I shall slice you!
I shall spice you!
I shall wrap you
in the finest pastry cloth!
And then,
b a k e * y o u
at 400 Fahrenheit!

End of Story!

Oh, Autumn
Laden With Fruit Pies!

Here a slice!

There a slice!

Half gone!


Nota bene:

If you think
I am playing it fast
with your waistline,
you should saunter over to
Lucullian Delights,
where Queen Ilva I reigns supreme,
emphasizing "healthy vegetable dishes"
and yet, and yet,
manages in all earnestness
to serve you
"Small" Chocolate and Raspberry cakes!
All that
before you can say "rughetta selvatica".
Yes, Virginia,
this girl lives what is called
The Mediterranean Diet.
Che ragazza!

Queen Ilva is not the only Royalty
here in Bloglandia that may endanger
your healthy lifestyle,
you should see the eye candy
Empress Carol of Macaronia
is tempting us with!
You have never
heard of le macaron parisien?
Pariser Makrönchen,
as I have seen them called
here in Vienna
(falling all over myself,
trying to pronounce that!).

They are poison.
They are beautiful.
They are all mine.

I am sharing,
click here,
for instant gratification:
"Paris Breakfasts".
Macaron Heaven, that is.

Images and Text
© by Merisi
First posted
Those were the times
of my trusty little Sony Cybershot.
What a brave little camera
she was!

A wonderful Sunday
to all of you! :-)


  1. Good morning, dear Friends and Readers!
    Once again, a repost. I am still chained to my desk, studying for exams.
    The sun is shining and spring is knocking on our doors. I sneaked out of the house for a long walk yesterday, even visited a small coffee house on my way (would you believe it: California beach shack style!).

    A good start into a wonderful week
    for all of you, thank you for being so generous and dropping in, even though I hardly get to do any virtual rounds these days,

  2. Has an apple ever done any harm? Well, there was that time in the GArden of eden. :)

  3. Sigh. I'm already looking forward to autumn and apples and pies.

  4. So glad you reposted this beauty!

    Best of luck with the exams!

  5. Good morning to you too!
    I am on my way to, yet, another long trip back to Dubai...I had such a great time reading your post today...and what delightful food blogs I visited today!
    ...thank you for the introduction and for the mouth watering apple pictures.

  6. What gorgeous photographs! I would love to get lost in such an orchard. I'd come out with a tummy ache, I'm afraid, having consumed at least a dozen apples. Better that, I think, than a dozen apple pastries, with butter, and cinnamon and sugar...or maybe not?

  7. My dear Merisi, I wish you a wonderful spring!!
    I'm impressed with this apple pie, it calls me, eat me eat me, (and try to cook it before, hum!)
    Good luck for your exams, what are-you studying?It seems that you're gifted in anythings!!!
    See you soon!

  8. You have made me hungry for all things Apple!

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments and wishes!
    What am I studying? Life, and how to capture it with my camera. At least that is what I am trying to learn.

    A wonderful day to all of you,

  10. OMG, these all look to die for. Those pies are beautiful--makes me want to head home right now and make me one! I'll have to go click on some of these links you're giving us now.

  11. Study hard! Hope you'll do well on your exams:)


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