Saturday 26 March 2011

Merisi Unedited:
Bright And Early
Pieces of April
And Broken Promises

How Does She Do It
How in the world
do I put a post together?
Well, first there are the images,
I start with one,
with an idea.
Or two.
Or three.
Or seventeen.
It does not matter.
The end result
most often
does not reflect
what I set out to create!
I dismiss a picture here,
a picture there,
discard the whole concept,
start anew.
If I am lucky,
this takes only
nanoseconds (yes!),
if not,
the day's post
may have to wait
until I find the time -
sometime I'll have to wait
til late in the evening -
to start from scratch.
With new pictures.
Keeping a daily blog
with your own images
teaches you humility.
Eternal gratefulness too,
after all,
somewhere out there
are you, my readers,
who find kind words
even on days
when I better should have
kept staring into my
empty coffee cup.

later today,
I shall try -
no promises -
to create a post
out of this jumble
of pictures I selected.
I take everything back:
No Promises!

No Promisses
That is
I had to learn
about blogging:
let a promise
slip your lips:
Been there,
done that,
utterly failed!

It's like a law of physics,
some parameters
are not to be crossed!

I once promised
to take pictures
of the 17th District,
next time I happen
to pass through there.

Such promises
are the equivalent of standing somewhere
with a camera and no memory card:
You'll never be able
to capture a picture
that way!
In the case of the
17th District,
it simply disappeared!

No kidding.
(Has anybody told
the mayor?)

Should I ever
p r o m i s e
to take a picture
of yet another
cup of coffee
at Demel's,
you'll know that
the end is near,
Demel will simply
the coffee cups
will apply for asylum
at the Mad Hatter's
Great Library,
or join the Tea Party,
they may even run for President,
all to prove
that bloggers
have no business
making promises
about tomorrow's post!

Did I promise anything?
Come to think of it,
I'll leave everything
the way it is
and simply disappear
until tomorrow.
Then we'll see
what I find
in my pockets!
And to you all,
a wonderful day
and thank you
for accepting


Early Morning
at the Farmers' Market

Yppen Square
3 April 2010


Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Dear Merisi,
    Thank you for all your gifts of images, thought, time and poetry. Promises or not, you are making the world a better place.

    Cheers to you!

  2. Your blog is so beautiful!
    There is so spring, almost summer in your photos today! We have still lots of snow and -16C degrees last night. I am waiting summer!

  3. There is something about bikes with basket and flowers in them and about daffodils - I never tire of seeing photos of them.
    Merisi, don't promise us anything, just post your beautiful pictures, whatever you feel like posting. Part of the draw is the anticipation of what will be revealed.
    Best weekend regards.

  4. Lovely Merisi.
    Wonderful thoughts for my day.

    Like you I have been there, done that....and failed.

    By the way, Mahler's 8th symphony was played in our concert house last night.

    Made me speechless....

    ....filled with music and praise!

  5. PLease don't make Demel's disappear until I've had just one more visit :) Thank you for sharing your creations. Whenever I need a moment of escape, I know where to look.

  6. Delightful, Merisi! I love this post. And suffice it to say, whatever you post, it's going to make me "oooooh" and "aaaaah."

  7. You always inspire, you are always elegant in your writings, and your images so warm and inviting, full of charm and you make me always feel lighter from any stress that may be trying to interfere with my pathway. Thank you always for brightening my day, along with so many others. Can we see an image of you one day as well, or have we and did not know~

  8. Merisi, those are lovely words to give to folks who might want to compose some blogs of their own.

    I hope that those who've read this post of yours, but never yet posted one of their own, might just take the plunge. It's so much fun!


  9. Your images and words are always delightful, however you choose to show them, we'll enjoy them!

  10. "Du fleuriste
    le bruit des ciseaux-
    je fais la grasse matinée"
    Ozaki Hôsai
    Le printemps est en fleurs à Vienne,
    bon dimanche, Merisi.

  11. great post and love all the colors..spring is in it's way! have a great Sunday!!

  12. It's funny that you should have focused on making promises here, because one of the very reasons I love your blog is that it seems to float on the breeze like a stray silken petal, lighting here, wafting there, but always carrying with it a beauty that touches the heart.

    I think I would be greatly disappointed if you ever took to making promises or nailing this thing down concretely. It's so wonderful as it is - always an unexpected delight!

  13. I enjoyed that. A view into your process.

  14. Ahh...such true words that only another blogger can truly understand! Just simply keep doing what you have been and we will promise to read and comment!

  15. This is a marvelous post, Merisi! I like you "unedited!" Perhaps we have all learned the hard way not to make promises on our blogs--I certainly have! Thank you for sharing all these colorful and interesting photos; each one is a delightful little piece of art.

  16. as long as you give us posts like these.. you make our day and nothing else matters :)

  17. A breathe of Spring, sunshine and your blog always lift the spirits.

  18. I am glad to see that your city is already so sunny!


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