Friday 4 February 2011

Spring is in the Air

Promise of Spring
Vienna State Opera


early yesterday morning
when a promise of spring
was suddenly in the air

Click on the link below
to listen to the waltz
"Voices of Spring"
by Johann Strauss II,
sung by Kathleen Battle

at the New Years Concert 1987
of the Vienna Philharmonic
under Herbert von Karajan
in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein.
It's worthwhile to click on full screen
to watch the conductor and singer interact

Image and Text
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Beautiful! It is about 50 cm snow here, but still you can feel spring coming... :)

  2. Modern sopranos are just so perfect.They have looks and such beautifully modulated voices. Karajan has aged so since last I saw him but he seemed to enjoy not only the voice but also the beauty of the singer. Thank you so much for this treat!

    Loved the picture too. Almost time to 'Geh'n wir Tauben vergiften im Park'

  3. Yesssssss
    Spring is arriving... no it's arrived here : at seaside this afternoon 22 ° sun and no wind. in my garden tulips and narcissus in three days are in bloom....mervellous. winter is finished. Adri

  4. Don't be fooled. Winter has a way of sneaking off, and then slapping you in the face when you aren't looking.

  5. This is such a wonderful shot, especially with the bird on the top. ;-)

  6. Listening to the music and looking at all of your beautiful photos! Fantastic photos and Kathleen Battle is incredible. (I like stating the obvious - on both counts! :)


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