Thursday 13 January 2011

Red in the Morninglight
Tea with Puppenkrapfen, anyone?

I got only one quick shot
of the tulips being kissed by the morning sun,
then the brief moment was gone.

The apartment came with a white kitchen
white tiles and red grout,
even on the floor!

Apart from this little design flaw,
it's a great Miele kitchen
with ingenious cabinet features.

I have learned to love it
and play with the red accents.

I even got myself a fire engine red
KitchenAid mixer. ;-)


Every now and then, I go domestic.
Here's a picture from my blog,
dated March 6, 2006:

Please help yourself
to a cup of tea and a


Warning: Recycled post!
Originally published
under the headings

"Kissed by the Sun"
and "Tea For All"

All these images
were captured with
my beloved - and now gone -
little Sony Cybershot.

Who needs a complicated,
heavy digital Slr?
Who needs
Who am I,
what am I doing here?


  1. i would LOVE a red kitchenaid mixer!!

  2. Danke, die waren sooo lecker!

    I love your red accents in the kitchen, the tulips and magic mushrooms . . .
    you were lucky just to have red grout, before the fire our otherwise splendid kitchen on Mt.Lofty had a gruesome yellow linoleum floor and fire-engine red counter tops!

  3. This is your home? So bright and lively!

  4. Oh, I just love the notion of othe red KitchenAid mixer, Merisi. And of course, tulips are my all-time favorite, so this post is warming my heart. What wonderful light at that window! Beautiful!

  5. Wow, so nice tulips!! Let me think of spring...))

  6. I am dremaing of such a KitchenAid. I am waiting for my old mixer to FINALLY die.

  7. You can repost these puppenkrapfen eight days a week for all I care. (I threw a little tune in there for you.) I love your kitchen. I've never seen red grout before. It has a very Mittel Europa feel, which of course I love due to my fraternal Slovak roots. Stay warm and cozy.

  8. Your mushrooms are too cute for words, your white tile with red grout is even cuter, and your pastries have quite possibly the funniest name I have ever heard... 8-) (but they look delicious!).

    - M

  9. what a beautiful kitchen!
    I didn't know what a Miele kitchen was...
    I LOVE yr red grout and red tulips
    and the home-made baked goodies

  10. You take great pictures, no matter what you use.

    I have to say that when I saw the name of the pastries, I was reminded (again) of what my dogs have been doing in the snow...

  11. I adore all your charming red kitcheny things!

  12. Aww your kitchen is precious! Those tulips are beautiful too, my favourite flowers :)

  13. Not a blemish, or speck of dust, not a crack or the last picture with those glorious white crockery and cakes...oh dear, yummy!

  14. I love this series, just so sweet. I would love to try one of the pastries as well, can you send one right on, please and thank you...ha...I wish. Have a great weekend!

  15. I really miss my Sony Cybershot too. The new camera does give better macros but the zoom isn't very good at all.
    Love this repost.


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