Tuesday 18 January 2011

at Café Hawelka

When Saturday night
runs into the wee hours

of Sunday morning
at Vienna's
Café Hawelka

and three photographers
find themselves there

without a camera,
a tech-savvy waiter

teaches Merisi
to take pictures

with her cell phone,
making it possible
that these images
are recorded for all of you
who - far from Vienna -
miss that special place:
Cheers to you!


Click on the last image above -
the blurry one -
to reach Hawelka's homepage
and read all about the history
of this legendary place.
Clicking on the labels below
will lead you to more
Hawelka posts.


Sunday morning
with a Sony Ericson J10i2
between 1 and 2:AM
at Café Hawelka
Dorotheergasse 10

Copyright by Merisi


  1. I thought you never went anywhere without your camera. Great pictures from your phone too. i will have to go and see the history of this place. The place looks cozy and perfect for a late night get together.
    Have a great rest of the week Merisi.

  2. Where's that new camera? But these cell phone photos are full of hazy dazy mazy late night atmosphere

  3. very nice from the cell phone...looks so cozy and warm! hope u are having a great week!!

  4. Dear Merisi,
    This looks like a very cool place to be between 1 and 2 in the morning!! Did you ever spend time at Kramerbooks and Afterwords in DC at that hour?

    Everything in life just looks different at that time, doesn't it?


  5. Photowannabe,
    that night was a rare exception!
    We worked on a fashion shoot for class all day and went practically straight from the studio to a concert. I had intended taking my little Lumix, but then forgot (I blame it on shooting fatigue). ;-)
    Hawelka is a great place, anytime of the day, but towards closing time it turns sheer magic.

  6. Vicki Lane,
    I am glad you asked only now! Yesterday morning, you'd have heard a big groan from this side of the pond: My brand-new camera's memory card slot was defective! Anyway, yesterday afternoon the camera store exchanged the camera body and I am a happy camper now! I took Sunday's Gloriette pictures with it.

    NYC, Style and a Little Cannoli:
    I agree, and am amazed that I even managed to snap a few pictures, I had never even tried to use it. Until now, a cell phone was a cell phone for me, but that will change now, I'll try to read the handbook to learn to use it properly (after all, it is a Sony, and I loved my dear little departed Sony Cybershot with the fantastic Zeiss lens).

  7. Gossamer Tearoom:
    Oh yes, as they say, you are not a true Washingtonian until you have spent a late evening at Kramerbooks, or something along that line. And I considered myself a true one! ;-) Still do, in many ways.

    For you readers who are not familiar with KRAMERSBOOKS & AFTERWORDS on Connecticut Avenue and Dupont Circle in NW DC, here is the link to that fab bookstore and true nighthawks café:

    KRAMERBOOKS & afterwords, Cafe & Grill

    A must-visit in Washington, DC.

  8. That place look pregnant with intriguing atmosphere!

  9. Wandering Star,
    oh, it is, definitely!
    I enjoy every visit there, especially now that Hawelka is smokefree. Heaven! :-)

  10. I'm hearing the music from THE THIRD MAN here...
    Is that Orson over there behind the table?
    Very atmospheric!!!
    Perfect place for spies to hang out too...

  11. Paris Breakfasts:
    Carol, the zither player in the movie "The Third Man" was performing at Cafe' Museum. It is still there, but looks different nowadays, unfortunately. Hawelka still looks the same as back in the years after the war.

  12. A terrific corner of Vienna... thank you.

  13. Gavin Plumley,
    you are welcome! :-)


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