Monday 17 January 2011

Moon over Vienna's Musikverein

Sunday afternoon
I spied the moon

high over the Musikverein,
home of the Vienna Philharmonic

"The Musikverein is famous
for its acoustics and is considered to be one
of the five finest concert/opera venues in the world,
along with Berlin's Konzerthaus, the Concertgebouw
in Amsterdam, Boston's Symphony Hall,
and the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires"

Concert Hall
of the Society of Music Lovers


just before sunset
16 January 2010
Copyright by Merisi


  1. She looks as if she is hovering.
    Leaning over so that you may get a closup.

  2. warms my day thanks

    saz x

  3. Oh fantastic ! Wonderful photographies ! Musikverein ! A little remember of the New Year Concert ! A very beautiful place ! Every day I see Wien, I discove this city by your blog, it is a real pleasure, thank you.
    Have a nice week.

  4. Beautiful photographs. Although I've never had the pleasure of visiting Vienna and hearing music in this famous hall, I was lucky enough to go to college in a town with another very highly regarded music hall. Believe it or not, the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, in Troy, New York, is regarded as one of the country's acoustically best concert halls, and attracted musicians far beyond what that city would normally draw (it still does). It's certainly the best-sounding hall I've ever had the pleasure to hear, far beyond (for example) Carnegie Hall.

  5. I got a nice pic of the moon over some trees myself. Lovely.

  6. I saw that moon too, yesterday, but it was against a grey English sky!

  7. Loving your complimentary orange and blue colors today!
    Very blue skies indeed.

  8. Thank you, dear readers,
    for all your kind comments!
    I savoured each and every one
    with my early afternoon cup of coffee.


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