Thursday 6 January 2011

Goodbye to All That
Christmastime in Vienna

Le Petite Paris
Doors painted "French pâtisserie pink"
accented with green pine
Christmas door swags

Red Bubble
against dusty rose façade -
Who says Vienna's
a stuffy old town?

Yes, Virginia,
Christmas Is Over
In the West!
From where I sit, though,
I can see the East
where Christmas starts today:
Merry Christmas!

Haas & Haas Teahouse
Stephansplatz 4

Brightly Coloured Planters
Lit from within
Potted Christmas trees:
I know where I found them,
but forgot the name of the street

Light blue painted bambu,
pink-lavender orchid flowers,
bright green mistletoe branches,
a few of them gilded
Drug store entrance

Window Decorations
"Irgendwo im Achten"
in the 8th District

December 2009
Images and Text
© by Merisi 2011


  1. I'm going to try to get all the Christmas stuff packed away this weekend. It sure isn't as fun taking it down, as it is putting it up.

  2. Tess,
    I agree! ;-)
    Mine will have to stay up for a while longer, too many projects due for school. Besides, the tree is still looking good and so cheerful. In the countryside, the Christmas tree used to be up until Candlemas, February 2 (trees were cut on Christmas Eve and displayed in the unheated entrance halls). Yes, Candlemas sounds like a good idea for me, this year. ;-)

  3. Well, I have it easy as I was a scrooge and didn't put anything up this year. Too much to do with downsizing and moving during February from the four bedroom house I've rented for 13 years. I don't know where I'm going. Adjusting to in income of $100,000 less a year to a retirement of under $40,000 will leave me far few choices, maybe only a rented room....I need to blog less and concentrate on all this more...but I am procrastinating. I'd so much rather look at your beautiful blog.

  4. Merisi, today is the day that Spanish Harlem has its three kings celebration. Perhaps our 11 o'clock tv news tonight will have some videos. This morning's news just carried the preparations.

    I love that pink bubble, even if it doesn't quite seem full of air, it is in the air!

    Transitions also underway all over town hereabouts this week. I just helped myself to a much delayed visit to my hair stylist. Feeling very 2011 now. xo

  5. Love that patisserie pink! Alas, my husband is more or less allergic to pink so I enjoy it where I can.

  6. Have to admit, my house hasn't eased into the new year yet, and putting away my Christmas decorations waits with a Jan 25th deadline ('cause that is my wedding anniversary:) )
    Happy New Year to you, Merisi!

  7. Love place and captures!
    Hello. Happy New Year.

  8. Usually, I try to keep the Christmas decorations up as long as I can...
    This time, I was looking forward to Epiphany Day so that I could put everything away... and go back to normal... How strange ...
    Taking everything down today !

  9. Thank you all so very much!
    I have said it before, it is still true:
    Your comments warm my heart and give me an excuse to play with pictures instead of studying how to create better ones and learn the technical skills necessary (well, don't worry, we all need a little break and fun at regular intervals, don't we?).
    May it be a very good year,
    for all of you kind souls who visit,
    with a warm embrace,


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