Monday 31 January 2011

Coffee, Anyone?

The First Puppenkrapfen
Carneval and Krapfen
seem to be synonymous
in Vienna,

and I know of no better way
than eating a Puppenkrapfen at Demel
to start the season of fattening up
before Ash Wednesday rings in Lent
and 40 days of fasting

Wouldn't you agree?

Puppenkrapfen Déjà Vu
While a Krapfen here in Vienna
is an apricot jam filled donut without a hole,
a Puppenkrapfen is a small Krapfen,
i.e. a Puppe's (doll's) size.

One of the cutest food names
I have encountered here.

How to pronounce it?
Here we go:
Takes almost more time
to spell than to eat. ;-)


at Demel's

Images & Text
© by Merisi


  1. Krapfen are a favourite of mine but Puppenkrapfen I had not heard of before. Thank you for the education.

  2. I have to say, I don't know if I want to eat anything that has "krap" in the name. :)

  3. Arija,
    you are welcome! :-)
    I love Puppenkrapfen, they are only three small bites, yet they stop the craving.

    Charles Gramlich,
    would it help if I tell you that I read somewhere that a certain "Frau Krapf" invented them?

  4. Never tried these Puppenkrapfen before. Thank you for the tip ;-)

  5. Merisi, I sooooo needed a break and a lift me up and your post just gave me what I needed, so tempting and now I must make something sweet and delicate, just as your images have shown, that is what this person desires ;) Have a great week~

  6. You always seem to make me hungry!

  7. Mmmm! They look really more-ish!

  8. Ummm, yummm this looks so inviting. Its a huge name for a tiny bite. I can almost feel the calories pile on as I look at it.

  9. That looks delicious--I've never had one. eat a few for me, please!

  10. how gorgeous..demel..of course..those little things look so yummy!! another great coffee need to make a vienna coffee photo art book..I would buy it in second!!

  11. I'll take one with tea after I do some shoveling of snow. I got another snow heading my way, might get 8 inches of snow and some ice too.

  12. What a delightfully rude-sounding name for the most delicious-looking little delights!

  13. Svet,
    yes, go ahead, those three small bites are just perfect to satisfy a sweet tooth! :-)

    I hope you did find a sweet morsel!

    The Antiques Diva,

    Wandring Star,
    it's a mind game, you know. All you have to do is convince yourself that three small bites is all you really need. ;-)

    see, it being doll-size, the calories weigh not too heavy on your scale. ;-)

  14. Vicki and Tess:
    I agree! :-)))

    a few? * giggles*

    NYCity Style and a little Cannoli,
    would you believe that I have shlepped "real" Viennese to Demel's who had not been there in decades and convinced them that it is all about one's own set of mind to experience the magic behind this often maligned "tourist trap"?

    (Those friends of mine are still missing that Demel's of old, when you could sip your coffee by the fireplace next to the foyer - now part of the shop.)

  15. P.S.:
    I miss having hot chocolate in that little room with the fireplace too. I remember it, from when I was a young girl. I also remember the Demelinerinnen, whom I mistook for Sisters of the Order of Heavenly Delights or something along that line. The Demelinerinnen are still there, thank heavens! ;-)

  16. Cathy,
    I hope the weather gods have mercy and send you only a light load! Stay warm and safe!

    it may sound a little rude to English-speakers, but in German, its quite endearing, "doll's donut", wouldn't you agree? ;-)

  17. Another PERFECT still life!
    Once I figure out this painting onsite thing I am headed to Vienna!
    I better work on my water glasses though...
    xxx cg

  18. Paris Breakfast,
    You really like this still life?
    That makes my day! I had a hard time arranging it (much to the gaudium of the Demelinerinnen). By the time I gave up, the foam had almost finished its disappearing act and the coffee was tepid. ;-)

  19. Hello Merisi!
    These look yummy! And I love the name! My husband and I can have very juvenile senses of humor and I predict we will be saying "Puppenkrapfen" for a few days around our house! Isn't it nice that it means something so sweet (no pun intended)?? Thank you for something to amuse us in the middle of our snow dump!



  20. The Gossamer Tearoom,
    I hope you are still giggling over those Puppenkrapfen!

    It is a rather short "u", I'd like to point out, ;-)

  21. Such wonderful surroundings for a cup of coffee and a sweet!

  22. Thank you for the pronunciation of Krapfen. I am enjoying krapfen at various locations in the Friuli Venezia Giulia (Northern Italy) and enjoying the delicate flavors.


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