Thursday 16 December 2010

Up-Side Down Christmas Tree
Fad or Ancient Custom?

Christmas Trees
hanging up-side down from
a timber beam in an interior design store

Red Stags
mulling their part
in the display?

to relax and ponder this:

Up-side down Christmas trees
may be the latest fad,
but the custom has ancient roots.
Back in the early Middle Ages,
fir trees hanging up-side down from
the ceiling symbolized the Holy Trinity.


Photographed at
Christian L.Einwaller Ateliers
Palais Harrach
December 2009

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. I remember being fascinated by this last year. I must muster up the creativity to hang some small trees among the manor beams next year!

  2. COOL! Everything old is new again!

  3. Had no idea that the upside down way carried a symbol with it! It looks actually very cool!

  4. That is interesting--I kind of like it!

  5. Hello Merisi.
    Glad to now be recovering from a computer crash and able again to visit Vienna. Particularly this time of year, your Vienna is magical to see.

    I've had a catch up skip through your recent posts (and love the vintage ones...favorites of mine.)

    Inside the snowglobe really took me back to my one and only true visit to Vienna.

    Making a new year's resolution now.


  6. I love the way this looks!

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments and for bearing with me when I am recycling old posts!

    May your days be filled with all you ever dreamed of,


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