Sunday 19 December 2010

May your Days be sunny and bright
Winter Morning in Vienna

A thrilling voice
is sounding

High o'er
the lonely hills ... "

Morning Sunshine
on the Fourth Sunday
of Advent


Copyright by Merisi


  1. Beautiful pictures! I bet that Austria is coping better with winter than England is right now!

  2. holiday greetings
    to you, missy,
    with your SNOW


    {{ secretly
    i am so jealous }}

  3. And what sunny greetings too. Lovely shots.

  4. Wandering Star has it right. We are stuck in London, our flight to Vienna cancelled, with Heathrow shut down. I've been dreaming of visiting your beautiful city for Christmas, inspired by your images, Merisi, and now will have to put the dream on hold. So sad - we should be there now. Thanks so much for your kind wishes on my blog!

  5. and may your christmas be white Merisi!
    luv saz x

  6. These winter scenes are as good as it can get. I wish I could spend another Christmas in Austria - it was back in '89 when we took the train from Switzerland and spent Christmas eve and day in Salzburg (ah, the music) and then on to Vienna (mass at St. Stephen's on St. Stephen's Day) which was a bit chilly - no sunshine - but still so impressive. I remember it as if it was just last year.

  7. All so beautiful! I love the tender blue shadows on the snow.

  8. Thank you for your kind comments! :-)

    I am so sorry that the weather gods prevented you from traveling to Vienna.

  9. Oh, these are so beautiful Merisi. They look like Christmas cards.

  10. This post reminds me of so any wonderful Christmases past. I am glad you at least will have a white Christmas.


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