Tuesday 21 December 2010

Coffee for Nightshawks
Christmastime in Vienna

Hotel Sacher


Café Sacher

Restaurant "Rote Bar"
Hotel Sacher

Sacher Eck´
Where Santas hang out
at Christmas time.
You haven't seen them
anywhere else, have you?

Images from December 2007
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Oh lovely ... something so special about winter evening pictures ... I have been waiting for Christmas lights in Vienna ... thank you

  2. Your exterior Café Sacher shot with the evergreens is so lovely.

  3. Oh Merisi, Vienna must be even more beautiful than ever during this week.

    I loved your tutorial on finding that perfect Christmas tree, and all of your other recent posts that really do give those of us a home an idea of the special place that Vienna is just now.

    Best wishes!

  4. This city is a wonder ! Please, a little slice of Sachertorte ! :) Fantastic photographies, you have a great talent !
    Happy Christmas Time.

  5. Just the place to reward yourself for dealing with the Christmas tree!

  6. Wonderful Merisi! All these magical Christmas posts!
    Thanks for taking me along. Happy Holidays!

  7. I ate a slice of Sachertorte in the cafe when I visited in 2001. Oh, how these photos make me miss it.

  8. Karen in CT,
    I feel a bit sad not being able to provide all the Christmas pictures I know are out there for the taking. Time is an issue, and when I ventured out with a bit of time on my hands, darkness set in way too early. I hope to snap away happily right after Christmas, the lights will be up until after the 6th of January.

    Tess Kincaid,
    thank you! These images were shot with my little Sony Cybershot wayback in 2007, I still like the mood, but wished to be able to return and capture fresh ones.

    I am dreaming of a year of taking the month of December off everything else and really "do" Christmas in Vienna. My dream job would be to become Vienna's Town Photographer for a year. ;-)
    Such as it is, time if an ever precious commodity.
    (I hope nobody from Vienna City Hall reads this, asking themselves what pretentious new kid on the block that is - you must know that Vienna is still a city with plenty of talented artists and photographers and they definitely have not been waiting for a happy snapper like me. *smile*)

    Merci beaucoup, Nathanaëlle! :-)

    Vicki Lane,
    it is of great comfort to be able to do it at least virtually! :-)

    Cobalt Violet,
    you are welcome! :-)

    would you believe I never had a Sachertorte there?
    Somehow, must be a childhood trauma, I am not keen to try it: I had a great-aunt who loved to bake and feed me Sachertorte (or lemon torte, for that matter, I still can't stand lemon-butter-frosting! *brrrr*). I am more of the American gooey chocolate brownie type, so that Sachertorte tasted more like baked sand with a bit of chocolate teasing on top. It still does. ;-)

  9. It looks very grand indeed...not sure I could go inside, but lovely looking through the windows..
    merci cg

  10. Paris Breakfasts,
    Carol, I have never been inside either.
    Long story, I'd rather not tell. ;-)


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