Wednesday 1 December 2010

The First of December in Vienna:
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas Tree
A festive welcome
gracing an hotel entrance
Zum Römischen Kaiser

Opening Soon!
Christmas market
in midday sunshine

Café Schwarzenberg

Did you notice
the red curtain
in the vestibule?
All over Vienna,
with the approach of the cold season,
thick woolen curtains go up
in the anterooms of coffee houses,
to better keep out the drafts.
They create also a feeling
of being admitted to a stage,
when you part them to enter
and assume your part in the play
of celebrating that cup of java
in the unique Viennese style.


Images and Text
Copyright by Merisi


  1. schöne Stimmung auf den Fotos! und ich freue mich schon so auf die ganze Adventzeit))

  2. "Woolen curtains in the anterooms". They are such a great idea. I remember them now. Thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten.

  3. I should imagine that a mug of hot wine in the market goes down well at this time of year!

  4. ... love Christmas ... thanks for the first signs ... here in NYC last night the tree in Rockefeller Center was "brought to light"

  5. I like that about the curtains. This pic with them makes the world beyond look a little mysterious. I like the idea of it being like a stage.

  6. Merisi, it is indeed getting to look like Christmas.

    I've been taking a few photos around NYC that eventually will get posted. I met a friend for cappuccino yesterday in a new cafe in the neighborhood. No silver tray, and we did have to request our glasses of water, but the coffee was good and the conversation ample.

    I love the red curtain at the doorway to the cafe. Cosy and welcoming!

    Best wishes. xo

  7. Sigh! Red thick curtains,white roccoco buildings. What more can one ask for...well, coffee would be nice.

  8. I adore Christmas season and I am so looking forward to what you share from around Vienna~

  9. snow in Paris and London!!
    Snow in Vienna?
    When are we gonna take a hit..?
    I wish I had those RED curtains here. I did take the air-conditioner out of the window today...
    Not the same at all...

  10. I adored the Christmas markets when we were there. It's been 3 years. Sigh, I would love to visit Vienna again.

  11. I love the pale, pale pink of that first building! And though all our windows are curtainless, the better to enjoy the view, on this cold, cold night I'd love to have red woolen curtains everywhere!

  12. Woooow ! Wonderful ! December in Wien ! I see every day the Christmas market of the Rathausplatz here :
    Thank you for this blog, I like it !

  13. oh could you please take some photos of the Christ Kindl Markt am Rathausplatz? I love the tree with hearts :)
    But I love all your photos!

  14. Oh these make me excited - I am coming to Vienna (at last!)in the week before Christmas. I cannot wait for Christmas markets and Viennese cafes. Could you lay on some snow too, please?

  15. Those curtains appear also here and I like this idea-it gives also some kind of intimacy to the interiors

  16. I would love to go there at Christmas and see the city ... and listen to beautiful music ... wonderful.


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