Wednesday 17 November 2010

Weather Forecast for Vienna
Low Stratus with a Chance
of Sweet Potato Fritters

Sweet Potato Fritters
with chive-sourcream dip
Comfort food not only on
a dull-grey November day

November at Naschmarkt
The Viennese continue to dine outdoors,
the approach of winter
will not keep them
from enjoying a meal alfresco

Warm Comfort
In a nod to the season,
restaurateurs add cozy blankets
to keep patrons toasty

From the Outside Looking in
Empty tables inside,
happy customers
are sitting outside

Would you like to join?
Grab a blanket
and come


at the Naschmarkt
November 2010

Image and Text
Copyright by Merisi


  1. I trust that the stratus will soon break up into to stratocumulus and then into the puff-ball cotton-wool cumulus with lots of sunshine between! I mean, you need something by way of clouds to give some dynamic to your sky shots, don't you ;-)

  2. What a delight you are and yes, I shall take up a blanket and sit a bit over those yummy looking sweet potato fritters. Now that is a recipe I also must look up, for I love them dearly and so good for you. Have a great day~

  3. These images are pure joy. I'll take one of those fritters, please!

  4. Potatoe fritters I can eat. Not sweet potatoe oens though.

  5. who'd a thunk it?
    Sweets in Vienna?

  6. Wandering Stars,
    thank you for the extended forecast! ;-)

    Mary Howell Cromer,
    I have made sweet potato fritters myself, but flatter ones. Neni's tasted great, though.

    you are welcome,
    help yourself to some of fhe bounty, please!

    Charles Gramlich,
    would you believe it that I caught myself writing "potatoe"? Remember Dan Quale? ;-)

  7. Paris Breakfasts,
    I am happy about it, though! ;-)

  8. Love the post title made me smile
    Those blankets look very cosy :0)

  9. Sweet potato fritters. How glorious is that. Yum.

  10. How delightful to have blankets at the outdoor tables. I would love to have a fritter and something to drink there. It would put the sun in any day.

  11. How did I miss so many wonderful posts Merisi? Shame on me!
    I just went back and so enjoyed everyone of them.
    I must not let it happen again.

  12. Sweet Potato Fritters!!!

    get out!

    we make those here in florida!

    i never thought
    i would see THOSE photographed
    so nicely
    your neighborhood!


    {{ me?

    i make
    sweet potato biscuits
    as an excuse
    for serving butter!!!!

    yummy-yum-yum }}

  13. Sweet potato fritters! Love it! With chives and sour cream -- heaven!

  14. Val,
    *smile* thank you!

    I agree, a 100%! ;-)

    it is such an enchanted place! Have you noticed how luxurious those blankets are? They make me look forward to a winter's day, snow falling softly, and I sit wrapped warmly outdoors, under the awning, noshing on sweet potato fritters which remind me of home, all the while watching the snowflakes dance.

    Am I the only one whose first memories of sweet potatoes involve marshmallow toppings? *giggles*


  15. Photowannabe,
    sweet of you to scroll through previous posts, Sue!
    The same happens to me, one simply cannot manage daily rounds. I do enjoy, though, to stroll through my favorite bloggers' sites and read all they have created since I last visited.

  16. Somepinkflowers,
    I first noticed that place (Neni's restaurant) because of a sign in their take-out window, "Reuben Sandwich" - I could not believe my eyes! Imagine, the corned beef comes all the way from New York city, to marry Austrian rye bread! And then the mediterranean mezze, the mint tea, I only wished I could go there more often, they are the perfect cure for homesickness. ;-)

  17. Vicki Lane,
    yes, sweet potato fritters in Vienna!
    Miracles happen. ;-)

  18. When I visited Vienna I went to the Naschmarkt!! it was perfect!!!

  19. Oh, I would LOVE to join--Calgon, take me away!!


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