Thursday 18 November 2010

Stopping for Coffee
At Vienna's Naschmarkt

Baker's Coffee
Some of the world's finest coffee
brewed at the Naschmarkt stand
of a Viennese bakery
Stroeck Bakery<
A Viennese Croissant
This one has a nut filling -
you did not expect that the Viennese
would stop at plain croissants -
exporting that recipe successfully to Paris! -
did you?

Eye Candy
I suppose you know that
the "Nasch" in Naschmarkt comes from "nosh" -
like noshing to your heart's content.
Well, that's true, but it is
also a visual feast

Quince Vinegar
Quince and vinegar,
who'd have thunk? ;-)
Organic wild blueberry vinegar?
No problem, available too!
Every imaginable flavour seems
possible here at Gegenbauer's -
they may well produce the world's
largest variety of choice vinegars,
from all I know

I have to tear myself away, for now.
I hope you enjoyed the little break,
a wonderful day to all of you!

Photographed at Vienna's Naschmarkt in November 2010
Images and Text Copyright by Merisi


  1. quince vinegar, now that sounds quite fantastic actually!

  2. Ilva,
    it is, indeed!
    Gegenbauer alone would be worth a visit not only to Naschmarkt, but to Vienna, especially for food lovers like you.

  3. You have got me salivating. I shall put the kettle on and look for a biscuit.

  4. Lecker,lecker!Da wäre ich auch gern mit dabei gewesen!

    LG Steffi

  5. Oh wow! It all looks incredible! Especially that croissant...

  6. It's always a delicious visit here...and usually around my breakfast time. Now, if only I could get my hands on one of those nut-filled Viennese croissants!!

  7. I would love to be there... the Viennese Croissant looks delicious with the coffee!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and nice comment!

  8. Yet again you have us all wanting to lick the plate .. and another super little cafe :-)

  9. I like very much your look!!! very much!

  10. The first picture made my heart go pitter-patter and my paintbrush began to jump!
    Too, too divine Dah-link!

  11. Mmmmm, Merisi, I do like the look of that Viennese croissant! And am so amused by the sight of blankets provided for those wishing for a table outside mid-November in Vienna.

    Nothing like that in New York around here. However, I am watching the renovations going on in a little space in my neighborhood that served as a bookshop in the film "You've Got Mail." Apparently, it is to be a coffee cafe.

    When sampling is possible, I will take my camera and give a report.


  12. We had sweet potato fritters with sour cream and chive for dinner tonight and everyone sends thanks to you for giving me the idea. xox ~Vicki

  13. Lovely! But now I'm hungry...

  14. Hi, Merisi,
    Love your site.

    I've taken the liberty of linking your site to mine. Hope that's OK with you. If not, please let me know and I'll remove it.


  15. Beautiful images--and ah--loving Emily Dickinson's poem here, Merisi!

  16. mmmm.. nut filling-poetry:)


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