Monday 15 November 2010

Vienna surfing into C Season: Aloha!
Fighting November Greys
With all we've got!

Hawaiian Cheer
Chasing away Monday blues
with bright pink Hawaiian cheer
and a tongue-in-cheek attitude

I know, I know,
it's sorta early, what with
Thanksgiving's coming up
next week, alas, the Viennese
have no turkey feast to look forward to!
In fact, they celebrated their Thanksgiving
way back in September!

Are you ready
for more pink C wonders? ;-)


Friday Evening
at the MuseumsQuartier
7th District


Images and Text
Copyright by Merisi


  1. lovely pics! by this weatehr temperature it is strange to imagine Glühwein or roasted chestnuts everywhere!

  2. Colores,
    the weather here is such today, that now, barely 2:30PM, it looks already as if dusk is setting in, skipping twilight entirely! With such long dark evenings, Christmas markets and their lights, a warm mug of spiced tea or wine, make being outdoors not only bearable, but desirable, which is quite a feat. ;-)

  3. Dear Merisi, even for a local resident it is a pleasure to walk with you through Vienna :)
    Best regards, Maria

  4. i had a white wine spritzer at aloha in the summer. i'm glad its stayed for the winter!

  5. That is a seriously pink kiosk!

  6. Lovely shade of pink. It looks like it's getting cold in Vienna. Still waiting for winter over here.

  7. And such wonderful and unexpected cheer it is too!

  8. Aloha indeed! We had a rainy gray day today -- I'll have to go find a Hawaiian shirt.

  9. Whoa that is pink! Need a coat of snow right now;)

  10. Oh! I love the idea of the Hawaiian cheer! ;-)


  11. Thank you for all your kind comments!

    Today, Tuesday, early morning, the sun is already burning through the thin layer of morning fog.
    I wish you all a wonderful day,

  12. I love those hot pink colors and the whole spirit of aloha. I have been so fortunate to have visited Hawaii about 20 times over the years. It's just a short five hour flight from the West Coast!


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