Tuesday 23 November 2010

Lanvin Hearts Vienna H&M
And thou, Vienna?

Lanvin Hearts H&M
Kärntner Strasse

At 1:30PM
the Lanvin goodies
were pretty much gone

save for a few
size 000 dresses
hanging in there,
albeit frayed at the edges

Happy End
Carrying home
the loot


23 November 2010
Images and Text
Copyright by Merisi


  1. No, I didn't buy anything. I would have been about half a day late anyway. By the time I walked in there, to check if perchance a pair of those cool black Lanvin glasses was wasting away in some forgotten corner, the store was cleaned pretty much out of Lanvin merchandise. A few Japanese girls were sitting in a corner, dazed, but alert enough to clutch their Lanvin shoe boxes firmly in their arms, their male friends carrying big Lanvin bags heavy with purchases.

    Somehow, most of the Lanvin bag carriers seemed to have visited the Louis Vuitton store too.

  2. i think i'm glad i stayed away!

  3. Ah the loot...the loot!
    The happy loot.
    And what do to with the gorgeous empty bags?
    That is the question?
    Frame them like trophies oof our loot?

  4. I love the Windows and think the campaign was pretty amazing - especially the one in the U station Stephansplatz, but I do not think that the clothes were worth a buy.


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