Saturday 13 November 2010

The Frugal Viennese Gourmand
Noshing at Vienna's Naschmarkt

Espresso Viennese Style
Ströck Bakery

Crema Catalana
Catalan style crème brûlée
Restaurant Neni
Linke Wienzeile

Falafel Trio
Middle Eastern mezze treat
with herb-jogurt dip
Restaurant Neni
Linke Wienzeile

Vienna's Naschmarkt
Gourmet quality
at frugal prices:
Espresso € 1.50
Crema Catalana € 4.50
Falafel € 2.50


Images and Text
Copyright by Merisi


  1. I don't drink coffee, but all of your coffeehaus posts make me want to drink hot chocolate and read and soak in the culture. And food cooked by someone else is always better than my own--especially in pictures!

  2. I'm hungry now

  3. Your trays with the glasses are the BEST on the planet!

  4. There's something extra special about that first photograph, Merisi. So clean and delicately coloured.

  5. I agree, but it's the second image that has me drooling!

  6. A wonderful post .. I came across because of the title of the post :-) had me intrigued.

    What a super place to eat and excellent prices too.

    Thanks Merisi. Also must say thank you for you wonderful comment .. very much appreciated .. happy weekend.

  7. Hi there, I have missed a couple of days, been way too busy for my own good. Your images looked yummy and I would love to know what goes into the Falafel Trio
    Middle Eastern mezze treat, they really looks so good. Have a splendid weekend~

  8. seams like you got a very hard life! ;-)

    Neni is great. The first pavilion that was allowed to build two floors at the Naschmarket though. But the urbanization of Viennese markets is unstoppable. Still hope it doesn't end bad!


  9. Lately, I've been thinking of Viennese pastries! I'm just dying to go to your Christmas market. How cold does it get in December?

  10. Beautiful and tantalizing photos!

    Off to inquire of Mr. Google about Catalan creme brulee ... I love just plain old creme brulee...can this be even better?

  11. That is a feast fit for royalty! Delicious - in words, taste and photos.

  12. Amber,
    you would find very good hot chocolate here, Demel's has a loyal following, for examples.

    I am tempted myself! :-)

    Paris Breakfasts,
    Carol, that is what I love best, capturing such moments, sheer serendipity.

    Martin H,
    I had to get that image with that background, a billboard-scaffolding, plastered with fading advertisements.

    Karen at Pas Grand-Chose,
    believe it or not, I "stole" that image,
    mine were the falafel and - not in the picture - a smoked eggplant dip, Baba Ghanouj (excellent!).

  13. Anne in Oxfordshire,
    the coffee prices at bakeries are hard to beat.
    They serve it Italian star, over the counter, like in an Italian coffee bar, but offer small tables and stools to sit and rest up a bit while enjoying your coffee. Ströck has particularly good coffee (and due to my Italian connection, I am hard to please in the coffee department). ;-)

  14. Mary Howell Cromer,
    the Middle Eastern mezze treat at Neni includes 3 falafel balls and a delicious yogurt-tahini-herb dip.

    The falafel itself is made of soaked chickpeas, ground in a food processor, lots of finely chopped parsley (in Israel also cilantro), salt, cumin, a bit of Cayenne pepper, flour as needed to make a paste that is formed into little balls, then fried in hot oil. You can also buy a pre-made dried mix (at Vienna's Naschmarkt available at several stands, in DC, health food stores or Whole Foods carry that mix too).

    If you ever go to New York, near Ground Zero at Liberty Plaza, don't miss the two food carts famous for their Falafel, Alan's and Sam's: Their paper plates are filled to the rim with Middle Eastern mezze, Falafel, Baba Ghanouj, Hummus, pita bread. They are so close to each other and both good, so expect lines, simply let the shortest line decide which one to chose.

  15. jen laceda,
    weather depends, snow and ice in December, warm winter coat and boots are recommended! Well dressed, the atmosphere and the spiced hot tea or wine will keep you warm! ;-)

    Vicki Lane,
    have I good news for you, the Crema Catalana is made with milk instead of cream, lots of calories saved! ;-)

    A friend of mine makes a Mexican version of Crème Caramel (caramel at the bottom, like the Italians), using condensed milk. Very simple and delicious.

    thank you! :-)

  16. theconsciousfox,
    (sorry, did not want to leave you out!):
    Paul, I am glad I am able to paint a picture of a very hard life, indeed! :-)))

    I discovered Neni because they had a sign on their street counter that said "Reuben Sandwiches" - I almost fainted! It's a very good version with an Austrian twist, dark rye bread (not fried!), organic corned beef (imported from New York!) and shredded cabbage salad (Neni's recipe and dressing). Americans may find it a bit on the dry side, but I was happy with it.

    Urbanization is hard to avoid in a place in the middle of the city. I have the impression that Naschmarkt is doing better now than when I arrived here five years ago, and it seems to me the new-old restaurants are part of the revival (if one may call it that).

    I love getting off Metro U4 at stop earlier, at Kettenbrückengasse, then walk through the long stretch of stalls at Naschmarkt, the sheer humanity of it, so many places the vendors come from, makes me feel at home.

  17. WOW. Merisi, your pictures amazing! Thanks for the comment on my McCafé cookie post! I will be checking in here often.

  18. All of it looks good including the photos to go with it!

  19. Crema catalana is a good thing:)

  20. Inevitably, many of your posts leave me longing for sweet tidbits or savories and nothing in my immediate area has offerings to compare with these. Of course, if I want to drive the 15 miles into San Francisco, I might find something tasty - but my budget is very paltry right now!

  21. You made me want to eat falafels

  22. It would be so much fun to visit this market!


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