Sunday 3 October 2010

Viennese Escapes:

Caffè Florian
A chair standing on its
velvet seat, stretching its legs

Under the arcades,
Piazza San Marco
reflected in the window panes
of Caffè Florian's open doors

Rows of red covered chairs
standing idly in the square,
lit up by the morning sun
Piazza San Marco


August 2010
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Have you visited Venice in winter? I read a book once (don't remember what it was) that made it sound so intriguing. I was there in the summer of '69 and loved it. Returned in the late '80s in summer and the crush of tourists was awful. Such a beautiful city but if you can't see it for the teeming humanity...

  2. Vicki Lane,
    yes, I have visited Venice in all seasons and always loved it. It's true, winter has its charms, wrapped in a warm coat and with leather boots that don't let the cold get to you. Rising with the sun during tourist season gives you a few splendid hours with Venice still all deserted. If you use those early hours to visit the must-sees, you still have 80% of Venice almost for yourself if you chose wisely. It is very easy to escape the crowds.

    oh yes,
    and right now, bound to the desk, a wonderful place to escape to! ;-)

  3. .. Yes, in high season, you must get out early .. duck into your hotel for mid-day relax & reflect and back out later ... Merisi is right, early you have Venice totally to yourself. Love the pics, love Venice.


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