Monday 4 October 2010

Venetian Dreaming
Breakfast in Aquamarine and Blue

True Venetian
Cappuccino e Brioche

Espresso with frothed milk,
married to a cornetto - croissant,
perfect Venetian breakfast

Sipping one of the best Venetian cappuccinos
while your gaze wanders through the glass door,
past the Riva degli Schiavoni and the aquamarine sea,
resting on the horizon,
where the island of San Giorgio Maggiore
rises slowly out of the morning mist

and then you travel back
to the Schiavone banks,
where Venice turns to royal blue,
ready to glide through the day,
ever La Serenissima,
in scintillating finery


August 2010
Images and text
copyright by Merisi


  1. How nice to see some pictures of Venice :-)

  2. Glad you are enjoying them too,
    I needed some sights,
    a bit of breathing space,
    beyond my cluttered desk!

    Dear readers:

    I noticed that - at 1.16pm Vienna time -
    my profile showed
    23,999 views! Wished I could find out who clocks in at the 24,000 mark! Anyway, thank you all for coming back again and again, and a heartfelt welcome also to the Freshers/Fresh-wo-men class of October 2010, such a pleasure to have you here!

    To a wonderful week and beyond,

  3. I wish I could visit Venice again soon!!! Hace a nice week!

  4. The gondolas remind me of the croissants...
    Love these three...

  5. Merisi, what a nice surprise to have this excursion to Venice!

    The reflection photos are a pleasure to explore, and your comment about the chair stretching its legs made me laugh.

    Happy Monday!

  6. Love the last photo.. the colours are amazing.

  7. Colores,
    at least, we can dream in the meantime! ;-)

    Paris Breakfasts,
    you do notice details, don't you?
    I am dreaming of a croissant ride in Venice now! ;-)

  8. Charles Gramlich,
    it is always a glorious moment right after the sun comes up and her rays reach the gondolas at Riva degli Schiavone, nature's light show right there.

  9. Charles Gramlich,
    it is always a glorious moment right after the sun comes up and her rays reach the gondolas at Riva degli Schiavone, nature's light show right there.

  10. Frances,
    glad you enjoyed the dream! ;-)

  11. Hilary,
    I almost did not believe that I could capture the gondolas against the blinding light coming straight from the east.

  12. Beautiful images of Venice! I love the unusual one taken through the glass door and I've been trying to read the back to front sign!

  13. I really like the light in the last photo. Beautiful images. I can never see enough photos of La Serenissima.

  14. Your images sparkle like Ventetian glass.

  15. Your images sparkle like Ventetian glass.

  16. Gondolas are the most elegant boats -- they seem to float atop the water rather than plowing through it.

  17. Thank you, Linda, Loree and Acornmoon! :-)

    Vicki Lane,
    I agree wholeheartedly!
    When I wrote "ready to glide through the day" I was thinking of Venice itself moving through the day like a gondola, con eleganza, never plowing.

    I once knew a poem about "Phoenicians" - those great ancient mariners - moving about the seas swiftly and elegantly. I have been searching for that poem for years now. All I remember is that I read it on the preface of an ancient history textbook, written by an Italian female archeologist at a New York University. I copied it on the backside of my diary back then, but even that has disappeared in the vagaries of time, discarded or lost during moving.

  18. Ce matin nous prenons un café "fait maison", mais nous regardons la première de vos photos, pour avoir l'arome et le goût de Venice... Quel plaisir!

  19. What delightful photos! Captures the magic of Venice!

  20. That brioche looks more like a croissant than a cornetto. Which was it?

  21. Spacedlaw:
    It was definitely a cornetto, even though I heard several customers asking for coffee and brioche. Cornetto is cornetto is brioche, any way you name it. ;-)


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