Tuesday 5 October 2010

Breakfast, Anyone?
The Meierei in Vienna's City Park

On the Left Bank of the River Wien
The still sunless river waters
reflect the sun-kissed treetops,
like a promise that the blue morning
will turn into a golden day.

By the River Gate
The grape leaves are already basking
in the early morning sun.

A giant Milk Bottle
shows the Way
to breakfast at "Tiffany's" the "Meierei".

On the Right Bank of the River Wien
The dining room at the Steirereck's "Meierei",
tables ready laid for breakfast.

An Old-Fashioned Milk Bottle
and a small glass vase filled with flowers
set the tone.

Egg in a Glass
Sunshine would taste like this!

Stone-Cooked Alpine Char
with avocado and tomato preserves.

A Cup of Morning Glory Tea,

This breakfast has been
brought to you
from one of Vienna's most beautiful settings
for an early meal.
Both the "Meierei" and the "Steirereck" restaurants,
one downstairs, the other upstairs,
are located above the Right Bank of the river Wien,
in the Stadtpark, a less than 15 minutes walk
from St. Stephan's Cathedral.

Bon appetit! :-)


First published
on 4 November 2008
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Just thought that the previous repost was simply boring (I am concerned about your well-being, you know, and don't want you to start the morning drudging through town, hungry!).

  2. I am tempting myself quite a bit by offering you what I have not had in quite some time (in fact, never been back to the Meierei - simple lack of time, photography addicted as I am, I snap a thousand pictures while walking by, but walk in and sit down? Tsk, Merisi!).

    Thinking about that sorry state - what, 2 years have passed without me returning there? - I picked up the phone and called a trusty friend. You know, that sort of friend who supports you when you are in dire need! Anyhoo, I shall have breakfast there next week, which cheers me up immensely, just dreaming of it, that gorgeous place, all that light flooding in and through and those delicious morsels, makes me sort of giddily return to my homework. Ah, life is good,isn't it?

  3. Wow.. they sure do know how to present their meals. I'd be anxious to get back there too. So hurry up and finish your homework so you can go with a clear conscience! ;)

  4. Love that half reflection in the cup of tea!

  5. Oh how I'd love to join you for that breakfast. I second the comment about presentation - such style. And I'm so glad you reposted Morning in the City, as I'd not seen these before - I love these images, they capture the clean, fresh start of early morning, the sense of anticipation (doors opening, tables being prepared), so beautifully.

  6. Thanks for the repost .. I haven't seen this before :-) Love the photos.

  7. It looks so beautiful ... I understand why you want to repeat this experience :)

  8. I am swimming in the Morning Glory cup of tea.
    Come on it!
    The water's fine :)

  9. I am swimming in the Morning Glory cup of tea.
    Come on it!
    The water's fine :)

  10. Merisi darling, I will be following you with my new personal blog Splendid Shutters :) Be on the look out :)

  11. That giant milk bottle made me jump up and scream "cappuccino!" but unfortunately it's 10:30 p.m.!

    See you for breakfast, then.
    Ciao Merisina,

    E xx

  12. Dear Merisi: How exquisite! Vienna is supposedly the best city in the world to live; I can certainly see why this is a fact! How to live in Paradise 101!Would love to hear the classic music wafting with the heavenly gourmandise!

  13. I just shared a post (on Facebook) from Gennine of Queretaro, Mexico, which featured an album of yellow and then found yours which has more golden color. No worries, you are always an inspiration, Merisi!

  14. egg in the glass looks so funny:)

  15. A warm welcome and thank you to all of you!
    Big hug,


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