Thursday 2 September 2010

Perchance, to more than dream
of a true Viennese Coffee Melange?

"Next Stop, Demel!"
the coachman called,
"Anybody up
for a cup of
Viennese Melange

"I can smell
the coffee
sighed the shop window artist,
"Unfortunately I am stuck
in here, working
with a deadline.
You think they'd offer
carry out

"As soon as I finish
those dishes,
Madonna of the Sink cried,
delighted at the prospect.
"No, thanks," the Lady
with the crocodile red purse
politely declined,
"I'd rather have a go
at the goodies
in my Julius Meinl bag

"I am stuck up to my bosom
in whipped cream!
the Hochwohlgeformte Fäulein
von Schaum in ihrer Rolle

whimpered plaintively,
"It would take both your horses
to pull me out of here

And thus it happened
that I enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee
with the coachman, sipping a Demel Melange,
dark espresso with milkfoam so light,
yet firm enough to float away on,
dreaming of further delights


Photographed by Merisi
on 1 September 2010 at:
Fiaker at Michaelerplatz
Shop windows:
Dolce & Gabbana, Wallnerstrasse,
Diesel and Demel at Kohlmarkt -
all these locations are within a stone's throw -
Viennese Melange:
Demel, where else?
And yes, that's Apfelstrudel,
in the background.


Just before the encounter
with the Fiaker - coachman,
Merisi met another Viennese citizen:
"Look, Mr. Chancellor,
isn't that Merisi

I love Vienna!
He does too,
I am sure!

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Good morning Merisi.

    With such a tempting invitation, I am very glad that you could find no excuse to avoid sharing that coffee break. Each of your pictures does launch a story in my usual.

    May I also comment on those Chanel hair bows? I pass by a Chanel outpost everyday on my way to work, and the mannequins are also wearing those frothy bows. The first time I saw them, they seemed to suggest the little hats worn my children known as Mouseketeers on a 1950's tv show, The Mickey Mouse Club Show. Surely Karl did not intend for me to make such a connection!

    Best wishes. xo

  2. I can smell that Apfelstrudel - forget the coffee! - from here.
    Thank you for the morning treat!

  3. love the creative twist of Madonna and the lady with her bag.
    Have camera ready for such moments, quick you were!

  4. Hahaaa--wonderful! I love everything about it. The woman walking in front of Madonna looks like Queen Elizabeth! You know--when she's out walking her corgis. Too fun.

  5. ps
    Now that I think of it, though--the Queen would have a kerchief and galoshes on, wouldn't she!?

  6. I hope to have a Cafe Melange and Apfelstrudel in October. I fear I will not be close enough to enjoy it at Demel's but will still need to say "Vielen Dank für das Cafe Melange" at the location ;) For now I live vicariously through your photos.

  7. Thank you all for your wonderful comments, they delight me to no end!

    I had fun creating this post, great fun to procrastinate instead of starting to organize all those photo shoots I need to do before the semester starts. ;-)

    May there always be a good cup of coffee or tea - by whatever name - within reach for each of you,

    Sometimes it's almost embarrassing to realize who is reading my blog. Yesterday, I got a call from a friend down the street (we go way back, to DC), and he is reading it too (that other old friend of mine, B, gave the link to him *smile*).

    Oh well, it's true, I am having a lot of fun, definitely,
    only every now and then, do I work a little. Or NOT drink coffee ..... *giggles*

    Btw, yesterday I had a chance to run over our Chancellor with my car. No, I didn't, how could I, he not only walked up to my car window and shook hands with me and my daughter, he also let me take his picture. I am still marveling at the small world around here, lets one forget - at least for a little while every now and then - the Big Bad Wolf out there when the only Wolf here seems to be our Wolferl! ;-)

    Yes, I have been busy working-studying ever since I posted! ;-)))

  8. I love the juxtaposition of the elderly lady and the model in the storefront window. Fabulous shot, Merisi!

  9. It was so much fun today reading and admiring your pics!
    The last one is really great.. so... so... natural!!!:-))

  10. That was a perfect cup of coffee. And the bakery... wow.

    Thank you for a peek at the city I have always wanted to visit!

  11. "The Coachman!" Sounds so victorian.

  12. That was an enjoyable ride through Wien. Danke.

  13. You have described the coffee so well that I know it is exactly how I like it. Perfect - without any sugar.

  14. Imagine just running into Barack Obama on the street.

  15. Merisi, I want to walk in your footsteps just one day, oh my the wonderful sights, fragrances, aroma of good coffee, the absolute beautiful places your pathway brings you to, it is all so very enchanting. Have a marvelous weekend coming up, though I am certain you shall. Your days seem to be filled with happy places. Mary

  16. Elegance in pictures, complete with a coachman, you give me so much!!

  17. Alan,
    in the first years of Clinton's presidency, he would regularly jog on city streets. Secret service agents were running with him, yes, but basically he was trying to be out there. Too bad those times had to end (I remember a jogging path being built on the White House grounds at some point).

  18. What a fun series! Love the pictures and the witty captions.

    I'll bet the Chancellor went home and said "You'll never guess who I saw today -- it was Merisi!!"

  19. Amazing photos and accompanied text.
    I love the whipped cream mermaid!

  20. great way to start the morning! Demel is always so wonderful...still awaiting the new NYC location. Have a great weekend!!

  21. Parisbreakfast03 September, 2010

    Life in Vienna is just a cup mit schlag
    giggle :)

  22. How fun to take a ride in the coach. I loved your witty captions as we rode along window shopping up and down the boulevard. What a great shot of the Chancellor's assistant pointing to someone. I'm sure it must have been you!

    Early in my career in retailing I was asked to help one of the members of the display team change a window on Main Street in a large city in the US. It is very strange to be inside a display window as the world goes by on the outside. Some very strange behavior can be observed when people don't think anyone is looking.

  23. Charming photos today. I love the way you weave a story through the store windows.
    Terrific picture of the Chancellor too.

  24. Delightful post Merisi. All the best with your busy working-studying schedule.


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