Wednesday 22 September 2010

Chocolate Bread, Anyone?

A Slice of Chocolate Bread
brought to you
by a Viennese bakery.

What's next,
Viennese hot dogs
with chocolate chips?

Just a little smile
for you, dear readers!
More later,
after I have dressed
the plums in my kitchen
in some fancy dough,
rolled them into little balls,
boiled them in water,
fished them out and put
them on dry land, i.e.
golden toasted bread crumbs -
fresh from the bakery which
so gernerously handed out
the slice of chocolate bread
for tasting -
and then served
with a little homemade
caramel sauce,
in short, plum dumplings,
with a Merisi twist.
Bon appetit!

In case you are wondering
why I am toiling in the kitchen
instead of working
on my photography:

I had a
Terrible, Horrible, No Good,
Very Bad Photography Day

The gorgeous pictures
I took yesterday
while grape harvesting -
yes I work about a couple of hours
as a grape picker,
getting my hands all juicy and sticky -
the pictures, all gone,
in an instant, thanks to
a brand-new card reader!
Yes, one little flickering
and my card, with the fruit
of an afternoon's labour,
all gone!

Not only that,
my main project yesterday,
a wine commercial
that I need for school,
did not work out either.
My fault, beginner's lesson:
Know thy subjects,
know thy props,
know thy lighting!
At least, I learned a few lessons
with that one, but over the lost
grape pictures gathered in the field,
I cried a little, when I realized
this morning that they were gone
for good.

So, that's the reason
I decided that for once
I shall play in the kitchen,
hoping for an Erfolgserlebnis!

May your day be filled
with successful endeavours!

Erfolgserlebnis -
experience sucess


  1. No, no one in the house liked that bread!

    I'd much rather have a Roman Rosetta with a thin square of dark chocolate or a thick layer of Nutella!

  2. Forget the bread, those plates are wonderful! Playing in the kitchen is such a great way to remove yourself from "stalled" projects. Relaxing and delicious. So sorry about your photos! My stomach sank when I read that. I know the feeling. Soldier on, my friend!!

  3. I can totally commiserate with you. We spent four days in Prague, and took many photos with our Canon EOS. When we got home we discovered that there was nothing, nothing on the film (this was just before the digital age). Turned out that the shutter was defective. I guess it gives me a good excuse to return to Prague some day.

  4. I can understand heart dropped when you said they were all lost! Baking is a good way to release any stresses of the day and chocolate bread is a great idea....maybe some peanut butter on that would be good or as my mom says cinnamon and sugar with butter. now I am hungry!! Have a great, great day !!

  5. So sorry about the lost grape pics. But it's nothing a slice of chocolate bread can't cure. Mmmmmmm.

  6. Two great tastes that taste great together

  7. Ohhhhhhhhh Merisi, this also happened to me, after having bought my camera the first weekend, beautiful pics just were deleted in a second!!!!!!!!
    I feel so sorry for you!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh, I am sorry for the loss of your photographs... I know those lessons are difficult to swallow = ' (
    But thank you for your inspiration and good cheer ~ may this prove a happier day for you!

  9. OMG!!!
    et Pane Chocolate!!
    Try using SanDisk reader.
    I never had such a problema ever!
    Crazy wild sad :(
    Maybe you need a little hop and a skip to Italia for a Gelato?
    Sick as a dog as I am, you make me want to go get a pistache for you on 23rd st at EATALY...

  10. The plates...that plates!! My kingdom for those plates! I am mourning your lost grape harvest pictures.

  11. Thanks everyone for your kind comments!

    I never ever had a problem with a card reader.
    In fact, it was out of a sense of making sure that nothing happens while transferring the original files that I bought that new one, which so utterly failed to deliver the goods! *argh*

    The plate is Wedgwood. I got it in France at a Brocante with Corey!

  12. What was it Cofucius said: 'No pain, no gain'.
    Trials may be sent to test resolve.

  13. Liebste Merisi!

    Tut mir leid für deine Bilder :( Wenn Du aber glaubst, dass man sie airgendwie wiederherstellen kann, melde dich bei mir - my hubby ist ein absoluter CardReader-Wiederherstellungsprofi:)
    Deine Zwetschkenknödel sehen übrigens großartigst aus!

  14. So sorry about the pictures. The photos from my first trip to Austria were all ruined by an over zealous customs agent. I am still frustrated by the loss. Hope the cooking made you feel better.

  15. Merisi, I send condolences on the loss of those photos, but must tell you that the plums and plates that you have shown us are very welcome.

    I still know far too little about my digital camera to even know what to fear. I just click that button and hope for the best.


  16. How awful about the lost pictures! But the dumplings look so delicious. And I am enchanted by that plate -- who makes/made it?

  17. My heart just sunk when you said you lost all the pictures. So sorry.
    Your plum goodies look just too, too good. I'm hungry and its too close to bed time to eat so I guess I will just have to drool over your pictures.

  18. The bread looked intresting, pity that you didn't like it. yesterday I did myself dumplings with plums-very relaxing indeed:)

  19. Arghfff!!! Very good reaction to cook a delicious cake after the worst misadventure for a photographer!
    So the "Merisi twist"appears in the kitchen as in your pictures!!

  20. Oh dear, so sorry about the pictures. I usually turn to food for solace too! I am also weak with envy at the beautiful plate ...

  21. Bridget,
    I top the dumpling with caramel sauce, that's the "Merisi twist" (I do not fill the plum with a sugar cube or almond paste, opting instead the add some sweetness with the caramel). ;-)

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments, they are very comforting. I feel much better today! :-)

  22. I just spotted this post of yours and I am so terribly sorry. Of all the pictures to lose, these which were important for school. My sympathies but that won't bring them back. Of course, you are not the type to let that keep you down. Glad you started baking and are back on track. A big hug from your aging fan in Pacifica, California.


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