Wednesday 4 August 2010

Midsummer Heat

Midsummer Days
Looking for shade

An Escape
from scorching heat

Where to?
I did not dare ask!

Heisse Wurst
Hot Dog?
No, thanks!

A Swing?
In cool shade?
Why not!

A Cool Drink?
Yes, please!

Dinner al fresco?
Who'd say no?

And now?
It is yours
to dream!


Vienna in July
© Merisi 2009


  1. a splash into the Danube maybe :)?

  2. Lara,
    I am about ready! ;-)

  3. Oh, the swing...A lemonade would make it even more perfect :)

  4. Just beautiful scenes, love the swing and the one single wharf green shutter is the exact same colour as our 3 story home in the forest here. The empty glasses, I can imagine them filled and clinking in a toast to someone. I adore this post!!!

  5. LOVE the Robin Egg blue door (very Breakfast at Tiffany's ;-)

    Open the door and voilà!, I'm in Vienna!

  6. The door looks so inviting, and I would like something cold to drink in those sparkling glasses.
    the last picture has such lovely delicate flowers. They just look cool on a very hot day.

  7. What a beautiful post! I opt for a cool drink, a dinner al fresco and a pleasant open-air classical concert. :-)

  8. I'd LOVE a hot dog
    Right now pls.
    Looks like so much FUN there...
    yum yum

  9. Dinner al fresco sounds great and I love the idea of swinging in the shade.

  10. I'd take the option of sth cool to drink:)


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