Tuesday 3 August 2010


I had just turned the corner
onto the quiet of Schulhof Square -
leaving the busy clippety-cloppety
of the Fiaker horses on Steindlgasse behind me -
when the Angelus bells started calling
the faithful to pause for a moment.

From somewhere inside
the walls of the
Church of the Nine Choirs of Angels
a chorus of female voices rose
to sing the Evensong,
"Angelus Domini nuntiavit Mariae ... ".

Regina coeli, laetare, alleluia.

The blossoms of the Princess tree
in front of Palais Obizzi
swayed slowly in the evening breeze.

The tables were set for dinner,
the evening shades were rising higher, over
the elegant portal and the Baroque façade.

A few early birds
were waiting for their evening meal.

A stray ray of the evening sun
illuminated the flowers
and set the blue vase ablaze.

The choir grew silent
and the little square settled
into the quiet of the evening.

And then,
the sun, and with her
the last golden evening light,
were gone.

As was the last
of the singing nuns.

at Schulhof Square
7 May, 2009
© by Merisi


  1. Beautiful. I can hear that clippety-cloppety!

  2. What a fun few minutes you just gave me Merisi. Thank you-- and you sure have a way (beautiful) with Virgin Mary images.

  3. What a charming little vignette!

  4. Oh such a charming story so beautifully illustrated. I could hear the singing.

  5. Superb (and white) as usual

  6. Oh Merisa, I love that Princess tree. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I too love church bells. They definitely make you want to pause and enjoy the day.

  7. Thank you for your kind comments,
    they make my day!

    A wonderful day to all of you,

  8. You have a little story here that is as elegant as your photographs...

  9. Merisi, I want to comment everyday but my reaction is always the same - GASP! BEAUTIFUL! This post and your latest one, help take the edge off the 100 degree heat! Danke!!!

  10. Love this peak into the church and the last of the singing nuns.

  11. Very nice. With the images and the words you've well described that magic atmosphere.

  12. I'm a Paris Breakfast fan, clicked on your post ... wow, this post is great ... absolutely GREAT pics ... thanks


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