Thursday 12 August 2010

A Little Night Music from Arles
Viennese Escapes

A Little Night Music
People watching and
Café La Nuit

11 August 2010
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. People watching in these surroundings. Perfection.

  2. To me Provence spells sunlight and Post-Impressionism. What a wonderful place to be. You obviously are enjoying yourself.

  3. This looks so gorgeous! I love the color -ochre?- on the building in the last picture.

  4. Merisi, what fun it is to see your eye for another beautiful place. The light is so different from Vienna, but you are able to find intriguing settings that this viewer would long to visit.

    I adore the door featured in the prior post. It so reminds me of the very, very big doors that surprised me when I was in France. One of my favorite memories was staying in an apartment in Nice, and having the very old lady who owned the apartment hand me a very heavy door key and give me very precise instructions on how to use it.

    Thank you for conjuring up this memory. xo

  5. That looks a great ensemble!


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