Thursday 12 August 2010

How to Bake an Apple Strudel
in Provence

How to Bake an Apple Strudel
Fetch the flour jar
from the cupboard
and an egg
from your larder

Ask George Clooney
to brew a cup of that
famous coffee with crema

Sip it

Then, take a stroll
down the village lane

all the way
to the river

and back
home again.

Blow the Begonia blossoms
floating in the village fountain
a kiss!

Back home,
take that empty coffee cup

and go hide it
in the lavender.

How to Bake an Apple Strudel
in Provence

to be continued!


Images and Text
12 August 2010
© by Merisi


  1. LOL! That's really runcible!

  2. I am awaiting part two with great curiosity!

  3. beautiful post, great colors - just love the blue of the coffee cup! have a great weekend!!

  4. good grief!

    how did you know?

    i hide
    ALL my dirty teacups
    in the lavender!


    {{ wonderful
    light-catching shots
    of T in C
    in the window, BTW }}

  5. You choose a perfect blue cup!

  6. Stunning photos. I have just traveled though yours and I am so taken with the way you see LIFE.
    How do you take so many perfect photos???

    Thank you, Sue, you are very generous!

    Generally, I like to find the beauty in the everyday.
    There is so much more than I could ever try to hold on to and capture. I try to learn with every picture I take. Looking at it critically, studying how I could have gotten more out of it, where I failed, where I can't see what I "saw" when I was compelled to take the picture.
    I work compulsively, I feel as if I were missing a leg when i cannot capture what I see - in Kierkegaard's sense who noted how we cannot see into another person's soul, not see when that person has lost herself, unlike a missing limb, which gets noticed right away. It may well be a manic obsessiveness, who knows, I only know that I cannot help it.


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