Sunday 1 August 2010

Farmers' Market in Shades of Orange

Yppen Platz Farmers' Market
Saturday morning,
August 1, 2009,
16th District
© by Merisi


There are more pictures
of the farmers' market
hidden behind each of the images:
Just click on them
and enjoy! :-)


  1. I LOVE it when you do a post with a central color theme!!! I don't know why, but I smile and get excited to see what you've captured every time you do it. Orange is a hot color this summer. Thanks for making me a happy "dork" today! :D
    Sunday hugs,

  2. Reminds me of sunset :-)

    I was contemplating on painting my nails a shade of orange!

  3. Wonderful images!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!!

  5. Holy cow!!! GOR-GEOUS! Seriously. What a beautiful post. The last one too. Now I want to run downtown to the flower mart!

  6. What a lovely market, and lovely pictures!
    Unfortunately I had do delay the trip to Viena I was planning to make this year, but your blog continues to inspire me to go. Maybe next year:)

  7. You must shoot hundreds of wonderful photos daily. I don't know how you have the time and patience to post photos within beautiful photos but your blog is always such a treat for the eyes and the soul.

    Merisi, I don't stop by as often as I should but rest assured that when I do, I make a point of catching up on each and every post. Your photography, as always, is magic.

  8. Thank you all so much for your kind comments!


    I would say that on average, I manage to get out and about to take pictures once a week. When I do, I walk for several hours and come home with around 300 pictures. On other occasions, like the Saturday farmers morning market, I do my weekly shopping there. I get there early, often before seven, to catch the quiet and the morning light. I am often back home before the cafes open at 9am, but when I can, I try to stay for at least a cup of coffee. ;-)

    The photos within photos feature is basically an html code I imbed in the newest picture's code, linking it to previous posts. I does cost a little extra time (and I have never figured out how to let those older pictures open in a new window) - that's why I am not doing it that often - but it also gives me a chance to see what I have photographed before, images that I would not revisit otherwise.

    I save time by publishing what I shoot, i.e. rarely do I spend time trimming my blog photos. My credo is to try to be careful with framing when shooting the pictures and then let them be (after all, I learned to photograph with film). They reflect what I see in that moment of time and I consider that my way to create and capture what I see. I am constantly lamenting not-perfect pictures, but accept it as a necessary learning process and I try to learn from my mistakes.

    My blog has become a learning tool and an incentive to go on taking pictures, to resist throwing away the camera after too many trials and errors, and continue to work on my skills.

    I owe the world to kind people like you, who take the time to not only look at the pictures, but leave a comment, giving me an opportunity to learn how and what other people see. They see so much more than I could on my own.

    I am also grateful to those of you who know Vienna so much better than I do and write me emails, pointing me this way and that and also tell me when they think I should not miss the one or other opportunity (too many that I miss, unfortunately).

    Last but not least, the Viennese themselves, from so many walks of life, who have made me feel at home here from day one.

    Thank you all,

  9. You absolutely captured Summer Merisi.


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