Friday 2 July 2010

World Cup Fever
Viennese Oranje Fan


30 June 2010
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World Cup News
Dutch beat Brazile
2 : 1


  1. Sorry that I'm not a fan. I must live on another planet during this crazy time in sports.
    Have a wonderful weekend Merisi.

  2. And the Brazilians scored an "own goal" and had a man sent of for danfgerous play!

  3. All the world seems to love soccer at World Cup time!

  4. Photowannebe,
    I was in a soccer team myself. I also played a lot of football with 6 brothers when I was little.

    Wandering Star,
    they were not at their best, methinks. ;-)

    Europeans especially! ;-)

    it was a deserved win, wasn't it?

  5. I began the game not particularly caring who won. But the Brazilian team's behavior made me glad that Nederlands prevailed.

  6. I miss Austrian window boxes. They are so beautiful set off against the pastel coloured houses. The first year living there, I felt like crying the first time they came in bloom, they were so beautiful.

  7. Vicki Lane,
    one always hopes that at the end the best team wins!

    I was the oldest and quite a tomboy,
    I loved having 6 brothers! Still do.

  8. They (Netherlands) were excellent. The Brazilians behaved badly, I'm sorry to say.

    The Ghana v. Uruguay game just finished & wow. Down to the wire. I feel for the Ghanaians & rooted for them. But Uruguay played very well & so no dishonor for anyone. But I am sorry that no African country made it to the quarter finals.

    Many of us, even in the States, love football-soccer even when it's not World Cup time. But if it's only once every 4 years for some people, hey, welcome to the party, I say.

    ciao ciao

  9. so good to see you at farmhouse..
    i have missed you...

    i'll be back to read more of your blog over the weekend....

    sending love,

  10. oh, well, if you like it, you should share it with the world, right :)?

  11. Oh my goodness, 6 younger brothers. I guess my being an only child has something to do with my less than enthusiastic response to your post.
    I really do like a little Football and soccer but just not a big rah rah fan.

  12. Giulia,
    I still feel for the Ghanaians, I really loved their play.
    The Netherlands team definitely earned its place in the next round.

    I watched the Germany - Argentina game, mamma mia, that was quite a show. No doubt who deserved to win here. ;-)

  13. My Farmhouse Kitchen:
    Kary, spring semester finished only a week ago. I was too busy to be online much beyond posting on my own blog. I have a full plate even now, but I hope to - besides watching soccer games! - find a bit more time to visit my blog friends.

    Lara Neusiedler,
    I remember taking more or less the exact same photo four years ago, but was not able to find it on my blog. I am sure it is there, somewhere. The gentleman who lives there always tends his flower boxes so lovingly and one spring morning I talked to him about his Gartenzwerg (he used to have one on a windowsill).

    it's sweet, isn't it?
    Watching the game, I was thinking of the person behind the window, must have been quite happy about the win.

    don't worry, Sue! The tiny hamlet I grew up in had not much excitement to offer, but an open meadow to play soccer was right behind my parents orchard and kids played there til the sun went down most summer evenings.

  14. Here is the blog post I was talking about in a previous comment, with more windows to boot:


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