Friday 2 July 2010

Coffee, Anyone?

A Viennese Melange
A bit blurry, but
It just so happened
that I couldn't focus
before I had
that cup of coffee

It is a historic cup of coffee,
photographed on the morning
of June 30, 2010 -
the last day before
Café Hawelka
went smoke free

I sincerely hope
that all those people
who think nothing of barging
into that precious Kaffeehaus
taking pictures,
and then walking out again
without having at least
a cup of coffee there,
have a change of heart
and sit down to better enjoy
the atmosphere and
some very good coffee,
to support what is a business
with people's livelyhoods depending on it

After all,
it is not easy
being smoke free
in Vienna!


Café Hawelka
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. I'd love a cup right now, if it were possible. Instead of which, I'll just salivate in anticipation...

  2. Slowly but surely, it seems that much of the world is finally making the switch to non-smoking. I am happy about that!

  3. Leaping Lizards! Cafe Hawelka smoke free! That is fabulous news.

  4. Yes, pleeeease!

    Ciao Merisina

  5. I'd have a coffee and another -- just to linger in that smoke-free atmosphere.

  6. I'm enjoying that top image--looks good enough to paint, oui?

  7. That is such a good point!

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    Charles Gramlich,
    I'd call her a "Ye Olde Smokey" ;-)

  9. Anonymous02 July, 2010

    Thank you Merisi; no sugar.

  10. Ah well; even if I can no longer enjoy my Leichte Brun cigars in the Hawelka, I will still be delighted to pop in. Hawelka is a venerable institution, superb service,warm welcome and possibly the premier melange in the city.
    Seems like I have a good excuse to road test more kaffehaus than usual later this year (to find the smoky ones!).
    Great picture Merisi !

  11. I can assure you that I had a long glass of sparkling water when I took my photos yesterday... I stayed there for two hours. I amazed we didn't overlap!! How are we going to meet while I am in the city?

  12. Coffee photo as usual is so tempting, Merisi.


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