Friday 30 July 2010


Late morning shade,
leaning in harmony
with a baroque curlicue
connecting the garden wall
to the roof of a building
at the Manor Farm adjacent to
Prince Eugen of Savoy's Schloss Hof palace.

Camomile Flowers
in an earthen clay pot
on a window sill in a reconstructed Roman villa
in the Archaeological Park Carnuntum,
25 miles east of Vienna.

Lemon Tree Flower
Manor Farm of
Schloss Hof

Trees in Summer Greens
Carnuntum Archaeolgical Park


July 2, 2009
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Good morning!

    Friday's post is a little late, I hope you enjoy it even though it is already Saturday morning (I know you lucky ones on the East and West Coasts, still dreaming sweet dreams).

    Clicking on the label "Schloss Hof" - and scrolling past this post, which shows up again - will take you to posts about other visits to that dream of a summer residence of Prince Eugene.

    Delightful summer days is what I wish all of you,

  2. Lovely picturees of a beautiful place. I wish my travels hadn't had to end because of budget cuts. I would so have loved to see Vienna as an adult.

  3. That "huddle" of trees amuses me . . . I wonder why they planted different varieties in a row like that? Our greens aren't as green as they used to be. I was looking at some of my May pictures last night and I was shocked by HOW green they were.

    Even the name "lemon tree" sounds summery.


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