Sunday 25 July 2010

Framing Immaterial Objects
The Viennese Way

Framed Glass
7th Distric

Liebe Gäste!
Dear customers!
Frame the world,
we are on vacation.

Chairs of the Board
Meeting in
thin air

Frame of Mind
Wine or beer?

New Hights
Framed by Reflections

Model of a modernistic high-rise building
built in 1913 at Herrengasse


Objects found
on a grey Saturday
in the 7th District,
except the last one,
which rests in the First.
24 July 2010

Images and Text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Wine please, especially if it is Zweigelt!

  2. Love those chairs in their glass box!

  3. Wandering Star,
    unfortunately you'll have to wait until the staff returns from summer vacation! ;-)

    Vicki Lane,
    I did not realize until I looked at the photo that the chairs must be an illusion of some sort, they are see-though. Or am I delusional? (Am I really living in Vienna?) ;-)

  4. I asked Google about "Merisi Wien" - Google asked back: Did you mean merisi vienna? At least Google confirms my suspicion about my location! *whooee*

  5. Merisi, the first picture caught my eye for quite a while. I loved the openness, that dark green plant trying to interrupt the grid of the casement windows.

    And then, I had a look at the other pictures, and found myself looking at them for quite a while, too. This collection really does belong together.


  6. lynda Howells25 July, 2010

    love these imagesxlynda

    photo blog

  7. The Viennese way is just gorgeous.

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you also for letting me some of Vienna, first and last time I was there was in would you believe 1971!! We have been to Austria since then, skiing, but our skiing days are over, but I love, love Austria.
    It is a long way from Australia.

  9. humor and art. Nice frame of mind you are in :).

  10. wine or beer? both please!


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