Saturday 5 June 2010

Peony Chorus

A Bucketful of Peonies
Early morning at the
Farmers' Market
Yppen Square

The light was so bright
and I could not find a way
to get the shadow of the building
out of the picture -
still, this bucketful of fading peonies
that the farmers' wife
had cast aside
sang so unrestrained and exhuberantly
of summer finally here,
I had to capture the scene

5 June 2010
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Is there anything more wantonly gorgeous than a peony?

  2. The Wanderer's Daughter,
    I agree, there isn't! :-)

  3. Merisi, the peony is a flower that I absolutely love.

    This afternoon, I wandered through New York's premier farmers market in Union Square just about the time the premier farmers were packing up their trucks after a very, very hot and humid day. One flower seller was offering bargain bouquets of peonies. Can you imagine that I passed those peonies by?

    Well, I did. Just yesterday, I visited a beautiful garden about 40 miles away from NYC and saw so many incredible peonies in their beauty still connected, their stems uncut. It was those blooms that I did want to bring home with me...or maybe I just wanted to live closer to where those blooms grew. (Blog to come.)


  4. Oh I love peonies. They are such magnificent flower!

  5. My FAVORITE flower!!!! I wish I could grow them in Ojai, alas, I don't think it's possible. Gorgeous photo!

  6. Merisi,
    Lovely color...oh the pink! How wonderful to spend the day at the Farmers Market and come home with such a lovely prize!

  7. Oh to be somewhere warm and filled with peonies ... winter has truly set in here and I am frozen through although our temps. don't drop much below zero, it is the moist cold that soaks through the bones.
    Enjoy your lovely summer my friend.

  8. Peonies are in bloom here in Minnesota too!

    I love the line the shadow casts--it gives a wonderful contrast.

  9. Brought back memories of the large peony bush we had in front of our house in Colorado.

    An Arkies Musings

  10. A bucketful of fat, rosy peonies has to be the most lavish image of abundance ever. So luscious. Thank you, Merisi!

  11. Beautiful, bright summer light. Summer is indeed here! It was 100 degrees in Dallas yesterday and they expect more of the same through the week. Wish I could grow peonies like these.....but they'd burn up in the heat. Happy Sunday, Merisi!

  12. The Wanderer's Daughter nailed it - 'wantonly gorgeous'!

    And the blue square in the upper left corner really sets off the rest of the picture.

  13. Such an incredible shade of pink.. like bubble gum. Hand one to the woman in the green dress a couple of posts down. ;)

  14. Hilary,
    we'll hear from that young woman in the green dress! She is so immensely talented and such a harder worker, she'll make it big.

  15. So lovely! You've taught me something new about my self.

  16. Thanks for visiting Shadows on Stone, and good to know that all over the northern hemisphere peonies are delighting us.... And after looking at the beautiful photos of food and snacks on you blog, it's time to get some lunch here.


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