Sunday 6 June 2010

Alfresco Lunch in the Viennese Vineyards

Herzlich Willkommen
A warm welcome
under the rose arbor

More roses
at the entrance gate

Wooden tables
and benches
in the courtyard
shaded by a
tall walnut tree

An oak barrel
and geraniums

More flowers
by the green painted fence

Red Gspritzter
for a thirsty soul

Echtes Wiener Schnitzel
und Vogerlsalat
Viennese breaded veal cutlet
and lamb's lettuce

at my table

Blue Lobelia
under the leafy canopy
of the walnut tree

and a bite-sized
chocolate treat


in the vineyards
of Vienna's 19th District
6 June 2010
© 2010 by Merisi

Alfresco Lunch
Ilse Brandl Restaurant
Cobenzlgasse 17
19th District


  1. A beautiful place to lunch! The play of light on the green fence is wonderful. And doesn't the Weiner Schnitzel look tempting!

  2. What a gorgeous situation for a Sunday lunch! Are the waitresses in "national costume"?

  3. We've only just eaten, but I think could make room for this feast of imagery.

  4. Ah:brilliant sunshine,colourful blooms,that fanastic and mouth-watering Schnitzel, all wrapped up and cheerfully presented. A feast for the eyes, and now I am hungry....

    Thanks for sharing such superb photography.

  5. What a wonderful series of photos.. the colours.. the faces.. the textures.. perfect.

  6. I am ready to return. Thank you for reminding me.

  7. Merisi, it looks as if you had lots of sunshine in Vienna this weekend. How lovely all the photos of the vineyard lunch are.

    Your way of capturing that certain light quality just lifts your photos. I love the picture of the lobelia against that yellow green leafy background I also love the close up of the veal cutlet with the fresh green salad in the background.

    Thank you for sharing these delights with us.


  8. Real Schnitzel -how I miss that sometimes here! And beautiful blue Lobelia -the perfect Sunday lunch, Merisi:)

  9. Gruss Gott Merisi,
    Love your photos. Must get myself to Vienna. Beautiful.

  10. Wine and veal. That would be nice.

  11. Beautiful images, people and places... Thanks for sharing.. keep posting!!

  12. A wonderful post, you are really showing us Vienna ♥ in all aspects, which is wonderful, I like to be amongst the locals.

    We love Weiner Schnitzel .. so delicious.

  13. Oh, thank you all so much for your generous comments!

    Kurwenal, I ate that Schnitzel for you, I really did!
    Usually, my favorite dish there is the Backhendl (for you U.S. Southerners, that is the Viennese version of fried chicken), I have never had any that was more delicious (I have stopped even trying it elsewhere, Brandl's can't be beat).

    I had planned to spend Sunday studying and was quite pleased that out of the blue I got whisked away to Brandl's. Imagine, you ride out to the vineyard areas in 15 minutes with streetcar 38, right from the center.

  14. Loo the 500 euro bite size treat!
    I could use quite a few of those..somewhat enlarged perhaps?
    Do they come that way?

  15. Oh I WISH I were dining alfresco with you! That schnitzel looks wunderbar!!!

  16. Such a delicious looking lunch. And bite-sized chocolate treats are just right for something sweet!

  17. Lobelia are some of my favorites--they're so vibrant, and a really true blue in nature is so rare. Peonies--aaaaaaaah! Luscious!

  18. the most appealing to me is the Red Gspritzter:) its hot and I am having a lunch break right now in fron of my office computer so you probably know why:)


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