Thursday 6 May 2010

Urban Spring

Apple Blossom Time
in the city

Natur and
Urban graffiti

Looking Up
The skies are
of the deepest blue

A Square within the Square
Behind the busy market place,
benches and basketball hoops
invite to quiet contemplation
or a quick ball game.

Simply Looking Up
may be all you need
for a relaxing market day experience

Photographed by Merisi
Saturday, April 25, 2009
Behind the market stalls at
16th District

This is a re-post
A wonderful day
to all of you!


  1. Dear readers,
    during the last two days, I have been hit with several of those anonymous vendors. I deleted them as they came in.
    I may not be able to go online for several hours at a time today. I hope nothing too unpleasant appears, and if, I apologize. I will delete as fast as possible.

    If the anonymous sales pitches don't go away, I'll have to put comment moderation for a few days. Right now, moderation is only enabled for comments on post older than 2 days (mostly to give me a chance to read them).

    May your day be at least as sunny and bright as it is here right now. A wonderful day in May to all of you,

  2. lovely contrast of nature and urban graffiti

  3. A worthy re-post! Study on! -- though there's no room for improvement as far as I can see...

  4. Sorry to hear of the comment stalker problems. I am sending you lots of luck for your upcoming exams (not that you will need it). I hope you have something fun planned for after the tests?

  5. Oh horreurs!
    Don't I know too well these devils.
    Your Spring does not look so urban to my sullied urban eyes.
    Tres lush and gorge!

  6. Gorgeous blossoms! Can't WAIT for our apple blossoms to bloom here in Upper Michigan!

  7. Simply glorious blossoms!

    All the best with your studies too. It seems you already have the eye and the talent coming to you naturally.

  8. Spring in the city on your pictures looks so poetic! The best part of the year, definitely...

  9. Spring in the city on your pictures looks so poetic! The best part of the year, definitely...

  10. I think the blossoms and the graffiti make a unique contrast. Good luck with the spammers, I've also had a few of those on my blog lately.

  11. Apple blossoms are beautiful. The trees and the graffiti make an average area look special, sorta all dressed up for the public to walk by and feel special.

  12. Apple blossoms, such a wonderful flower images and the prefumed scent must have been delicious~

  13. TechnoBabe,
    Yppen square is really large and serves not only the people leaving in the quarter as a meeting point, but there is also an open market going on along two side of it, six days a week, and a farmers' market on the other two sides on Saturday morning. Add to that several cafes and restaurants, with tables out in the piazza, and you have a really vibrant area. There's also as least one art gallery and ethnic stores.
    Right now the square is undergoing major renovations. I can't wait to see what it will look like once all of it is open again.


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