Tuesday 4 May 2010

The Best Strawberry Napoleon Ever:
Pâtisserie Zauner in Bad Ischl

The best Strawberry Napoleon ever:
Zauner's Erdbeer-Cremeschnitte

Mille-feuille aux fraises

Crème pâtissière and
strawberry flavoured crème en chantilly
cradled between two layers
of pâte feuilletée ridolent of fresh butter
and just the lightest touch of caramel - perfection!

Zauner's superb pâte feuilletée has nothing in common
with the puff pastry you'll find in the frozen section
of your supermarket,
and the cream filling is so light and fluffy,
yet so luscious that - once you have savoured it -
you'll dream of it for the rest of your life.

I am pondering right now if I can afford
to drive three hours to Bad Ischl
tomorrow morning to be there when the Napoleons
are marching fresh out of the pastry kitchen -
and >before< they run out! -
and then drive
three hours back to Vienna.

Did I mention that the strawberries
on top taste like the ripe berries you
found in your grandmother's strawberry patch,
sweet and full of flavour?


Photographed in April
Café-Pâtisserie Zauner
Bad Ischl
Upper Austria
© by Merisi

I dedicate this post
to Carol Gillott of
Paris Breakfasts
More than four years ago,
Carol was the first visitor
to comment on my blog,
and she has encouraged and supported me
through my regularly recurring moments of doubt
about the wisdom of putting myself out there,
with those snapshots of mine.

I shall forever
be grateful for her support.
Merci, Carol!


  1. Delicious post and beautiful dedication. When you make the coffee table book about coffee and its decadent companions, let me know. I will have to have one.

  2. OMG!
    at last...sigh
    You listened...I must not have been the only one driven mad by your delicious avatar...
    yum yum
    miam miam

  3. I'm glad that Carol encouraged you! We are all richer for it. Go ahead -- make that drive!

  4. Merci to Merisi & of course, to Carol.

  5. Anonymous04 May, 2010

    That, Merisi is a step too far...such cruelty, such,such almost Danteish temptation. I WANT IT NOW!!! How come we don't get pastries like that here?

  6. Let me join the commenting chorus, Merisi! Strawberry Napoleon? I have never know such a delicacy existed before your showing us this exquisite example.

    Thank you!

    May I also let you know how much I loved the May Day post with its tribute to trees short and tall.

    Best wishes. xo

  7. THANK YOU! I have been following your blog for about a year now, and I enjoy every photo! Someday I will return to Vienna, for now you allow me to dream.

  8. Mouth-watering photography, as ever. So glad Carol has been there for you. We are all grateful.

  9. That looks something to die for Merisi and I have just finished dinner.

  10. Thank you Merisi for making each start to the day a Viennese one! Thank you Carol for encouraging her, and making step two of my day a Parisienne one:-)

  11. Now Merisi, that's totally not fair. Can you hear my tummy growling?? I'm hungry and seem to be snacking instead of eating a deent meal...then comes my favorite desert ever....
    Love your blog and congratulations on 4 years of passion and pure artistry.

  12. I absolutely ADORE Napoleans....And strawberries are my favorite! You are too cruel!! ;-) Yum! Enjoy! And thank you to Carol for encouraging Merisi...what a gift! Congratulations Merisi! 4 years! That's spectacular! Love, Janine XO

  13. Go ahead, you only live once !

  14. "OOOOh", that's what I said when I saw your pic -fortunately we still have 2 cream cheese chocolate cake pieces in the fridge, so I won't have to make that trip of 3 hours:)

    You have become an expert in tempatation, Merissi!

  15. I am so envious of that little goodie. Looks and sounds sensational.

  16. Exquisite pastry, Merisi. Now I want one desperately, and just before retiring for the night, too.

  17. So beautiful. You've inspired me to bake.

  18. Like Rhonda, I'm jealous, too!!!

  19. What a wonderful seduction on Wednesday morning! It looks absolutely gorgeous delicious!
    Einen genussreichen Mittwoch für dich,

  20. Thank you, merci, grazie, danke,
    for all your kind comments!
    Who knows, one day we shall all make reservations and trek to Bad Ischl and eat Strawberry Napoleons to our heart's content! Who'd want to be on the list?

    A wonderful day to all of you,

  21. Do they make blue ones for boys?

  22. Wandring Star,
    do you remember blue raspberry popsicles?
    If you grew up in the US, you will.
    I cannot imagine that Zauner would ever allow that sort of nonsense. ;-)

  23. Eeeek I was so transfixed and mesmerized by the strawberry cake of my dreams I didn't notice your sweet dedication! ! !
    merci merci!
    now I shall go back to waiting by the door for the little cake to arrive...miam miam

  24. That looks like the very best millefeuille EVER!

  25. Dear Merisi,
    I don't have to savour this delectable Strawberry Napolean to dream of it for the rest of my life - I will be an insomniac forever until that plate is sitting in front of me. Just one more of a million reasons to visit Vienna.
    Catherine xx

  26. Paris Breakfasts,
    Carol, I am so glad you came back! :-)

    it IS THE BEST, trust me! ;-)

  27. A Thousand Clapping Hands,
    definitely, Vienna, then on to Bad Ischl and Salzburg! ;-)


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