Thursday 13 May 2010

Morning in the City
Vienna's Rose Garden

After the Rain
The Rose Garden
in the early morning haze

A Intrepid Bird
precariously perched on a rose branch
swaying in the gentle breeze

Rose Benches
on the sunny side of the garden
warmly welcome early readers

Pink Blossoms
of a horse chestnut tree
waiting to be touched
by the sun

A Pink Rose
still carries last night's
rain drop jewelry

A romantic name
for the pink rose above -
a thousand times beautiful -
and more than a 100 years old

The Pink Rose
is for Ilva,
Mistress of the beautiful food and photo blog
Lucullian Delights -
An Italian Experience
whose roses are taking a beating
from a very rainy Tuscan spring.


Tuesday Morning
Images and Text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. What a glorious place to soak up the morning sun!

    And Tausendschon is a glorious name.

  2. I've been in Vienna for 3 summers attending the Uni Deutschkurs and I fell in love with the city and its surroundings.

    Thanks for the amazing photos you post on this blog.
    They can really catch the spirit and the atmosphere of the city.

  3. .
    Vicki Lane,
    all the pictures from Tuesday through today were shot with my 85mm lens, even the reader on the rose bench. Shows you what a hard worker that lens really is (and I am still far from being its mistress, there are still a lot of possibilities and mysteries I need to unravel!).

    capturing the spirit and the atmosphere of this beautiful city is what I am trying to learn to achieve, and I cannot thank you enough for your feedback! It makes me get up early or walk for another hour or two, even on days when I'd rather sit down and live the Kaffeehaus life! ;-)

  4. Good morning Merisi.

    Once again, I have had a catch up view of your most recent postings, and once again, you have so lifted my spirit.

    Thank you for the images and words that lead us to a beautiful way of viewing life and experiencing beautiful opportunities all around us.


  5. I should have my coffee with you every morning.. it's always such a day-brightener. Gorgeous pics, Merisi.

  6. Oh, such beautiful pictures Merisi! I especially like the Greenfinch (Grünling, a female, maybe looking for somewhere to build her nest!

  7. Anonymous13 May, 2010

    A thousand dankes, Merisi, for those lovely pics. That beautiful rose and tiny bird...but where's my coffee?

  8. Hi Merisi,
    I LOVE your Photos!!!!
    J' Adore Vienna!!!
    Kisses :)


  9. That's a beautiful rose. I love the name it was given.

  10. Is that 'intrepid' bird like the submarine parked in the New York harbor?
    Very mignon non the less!

  11. so beautiful!the second picture is esp. splendid

  12. I love your intrepid bird! It's bird's time!

  13. What a beautiful post filled with flowers and such lovely things!

    My middle son got married last Friday...a glorious day.


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