Friday 9 April 2010

Merisi Unedited:
Bright And Early
Pieces of April
And Broken Promises

How Does She Do It
How in the world
do I put a post together?
Well, first there are the images,
I start with one,
with an idea.
Or two.
Or three.
Or seventeen.
It does not matter.
The end result
most often
does not reflect
what I set out to create!
I dismiss a picture here,
a picture there,
discard the whole concept,
start anew.
If I am lucky,
this takes only
nanoseconds (yes!),
if not,
the day's post
may have to wait
until I find the time -
sometime I'll have to wait
til late in the evening -
to start from scratch.
With new pictures.
Keeping a daily blog
with your own images
teaches you humility.
Eternal gratefulness too,
after all,
somewhere out there
are you, my readers,
who find kind words
even on days
when I better should have
kept staring into my
empty coffee cup.

later today,
I shall try -
no promises -
to create a post
out of this jumble
of pictures I selected.
I take everything back:
No Promises!

No Promisses
That is
I had to learn
about blogging:
let a promise
slip your lips:
Been there,
done that,
utterly failed!

It's like a law of physics,
some parameters
are not to be crossed!

I once promised
to take pictures
of the 17th District,
next time I happen
to pass through there.

Such promises
are the equivalent of standing somewhere
with a camera and no memory card:
You'll never be able
to capture a picture
that way!
In the case of the
17th District,
it simply disappeared!

No kidding.
(Has anybody told
the mayor?)

Should I ever
p r o m i s e
to take a picture
of yet another
cup of coffee
at Demel's,
you'll know that
the end is near,
Demel will simply
the coffee cups
will apply for asylum
at the Mad Hatter's
Great Library,
or join the Tea Party,
they may even run for President,
all to prove
that bloggers
have no business
making promises
about tomorrow's post!

Did I promise anything?
Come to think of it,
I'll leave everything
the way it is
and simply disappear
until tomorrow.
Then we'll see
what I find
in my pockets!
And to you all,
a wonderful day
and thank you
for accepting


Early Morning
at the Farmers' Market

Yppen Square
3 April 2010
© by Merisi


  1. That first shot is 'spring in a basket'. Wonderful.

  2. Sigh -yes I learned that humbling experience to NEVER promise anything to bloggers -because one doesn't know what tomorrow brings! So, last year around this time I asked someone permission to paint a photo, and I have yet to finish the painting...

  3. Hey Merisi~ came by to catch up on you! GORGEOUS SHOTS as ALWAYS !!!!!
    I would LOVE to spend a week just walking around Vienna !!!XOXO :)

  4. Merisi -- you never disappoint. I love the sequence of unedited shots --and I like to imagine what caught your eye -- the yellow umbrella, the shadow on the kebab stand, the green shopping bag...?

  5. Merisi, it is such a grey, chilly day in New York today, with all our recent summery sun and blue sky taking a retreat.'ve given me a special treat with those green and yellow visions from your farmers market.

    Thank you so much! xo

  6. Merisi, you are unique and I love you. I love to read the trickle of your mind. Dear thunderous Thor! a lovely lovely post as ever.

  7. Never promise, you are right: the moment you do, things start pulling you the opposite way. Better swim into the current and enjoy the ride, which is always full of surprises.

  8. Lots of cool yellows in this post.

  9. Your pictures, and their accompanying thoughts, always please and always give me a few moments to imagine myself in my City of Dreams. I will be very sad if it ever reaches it end.

    I think all of your readers appreciate the hard work, thought, and footwork you put into each and every post, and we thank you!

  10. A fascinating post, Merisi!

  11. I love this post Merisi. The words are so filled with colours, the images tells great stories. You are walking on new land......

  12. Nein, keine Versprechen - aber immer gute Bilder, ach was sage ich - sehr, sehr gute Bilder, unterhaltsame Geschichten und eine weise Selbsterkenntnis - wenn das nicht die perfekten Vorausetzungen sind, dann weiß ich auch nicht ..

    Es ist so schön in Deinem Wien!

    liebe Grüße

  13. wonderful post..wonderful pictures, wonderful words....


  14. What fun, what remarkable fun you make for each of us that follow your delightful blog. I loved how this one pulled together and those roses with water droplets are glorious. Have a blessed weekned~

  15. Loved this vivid and fascinating post.
    Liked the rosemary plants the best -- but I liked them all.
    Yes, almost daily blogging does take up quite a lot of time and energy.........
    but it is lots of fun.
    Blogs are sort of ephemeral but also lasting -most odd.
    I have been an admirer for AGES!

  16. Liked your post, and I really liked the photos!

  17. You do know how I admire those who take their own photos, don't you? For me it's always photo first. No photo? No post. You have such beauty right outside your door. I ventured out today to take some photos...a rare occurence for me. Thought of you as I was snapping away in the sunshine.


  18. I learn spring is splendour from your post with full of flowers :)

  19. Oh... so this happens to you too??? Just promise that you will never quit taking pictures and writing your post.

  20. Merisi, you make me smile. This post has brightened my day. I love the spring flowers and the simplicity of each shot.The promises have gotten me into trouble too.
    Just keep posting and giving my face something to smile about.

  21. I love you all for being such wonderful people!
    I wished I could you all have here for tea or coffee.
    Who knows, one day, we might just do that!
    Vienna with all of you would be twenty times the fun I am already having here. *smile*

    Hugs to all of you, dear friends near and far (and also to those who know me and just peek in here and never ever leave a trail here *I know who you are* *smiles*),
    who has not yet posted today because she spent the morning at a farmers' market, enjoying a late breakfast with family at the "Schöne Perle" and has spent the afternoon studying PhotoShop (don't worry, I won't manipulate polar bears into my Vienna pictures, only convert them from RAW into acceptable JPeg images).

  22. trust me, you don't disappoint!

  23. No need to make promises.. just keep showing up somewhere with charged camera in tow. Your wonderful photographer's instincts will do the rest.. that, and Blogger. ;) Lovely photos as always. :)

  24. You needn't promise a thing because, whatever you post on your blog is sure to delight us with its charm and beauty. Your photographs are spectacular works of art and whimsey, scenes that warm the heart and leave us feeling happy and so pleased that we stopped by to see you!


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