Thursday 8 April 2010

Green River, Blue Skies

Under Blue, Blue Skies,
A doe, a deer,
A female deer chamoir buck
A ray, a drop, no, lots of golden sun ...
A wrought iron store sign,
announcing an apothecary's shop
9:00am yesterday
in Bad Ischl

A White Bench
under blue skies
by the green mountain river
invites you to dream

Green Wooden Shutters
and a sun-drenched,
apricot tinted façade

greets early birds,
cheering them on
to feast on the joys
of this glorious Spring morning

In the meantime,
down by the river,
Zauner's Esplanade Café
has opened for morning revelers,
keeping them soft on pink cushions
to better take in the green river
flowing by

in Bad Ischl

160 miles
southwest of Vienna
in Austria's Salzkammergut region

7 April 2010
© by Merisi


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of Bad Ischl,
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  1. OMG
    The sky in image 1 is so beautiful

  2. My GAWD it looks gorgeous there!
    We have it too in NYC and I can't believe it.
    I LOVE your new AVATAR!!!
    Please keep it for a while, please pretty please?

  3. That's a really cool sign. And such a contrast against that bluest sky.

  4. Hi ! I dropped to your boog to say just "Hi". I love Vienna, it is one of my favourite European cities and I like Austria a lot so it is blog for me;) Greetings from Chiara from Warsaw, Poland,

  5. Ja, im Salzkammergut da ka'man gut lustig sein!
    Lovely clrear green of the meltstrean and such gentle and genteel pastel architecture. There is nothing nicer than enjoying the sunshine in a riverbank cafe.

  6. This place is so beautiful! I love the colors.

  7. Soooooooooooo civilized! And such a sky...though I do not complain because today, for the first time in weeks [no exageration] our sky is blue too...though we lack a pretty cafe with really good coffee.

  8. The sign against the Sky is quite's still snowing here but Spring is coming :0)

  9. The apothecary sign is exquisite...and your photo so crisp that I can almost reach out and touch it! But my favorite? The Apricot Architecture and Green shutters!!! Such beautiful detail, and almost looks edible...hmm..I should not stop here at lunch time...You are ALWAYS bad for the diet ;-) Simply spectacular, as always, dear Merisi...Sorry I have missed a number of posts this past busy with the Easter season...but it is so good to settle into my routine again today, and join to you for a delicious cup of Viennese coffee! Love, Janine XO

  10. I love all the colors. The river really is green!!

  11. That bench looks like a perfect place to sit & read and wrote poetry.

  12. These are beautiful as always, Merisi. I particularly like the last one, of the two women at the cafe. There's something about it that makes it look like a painting. That effect is hard to find, and I always enjoy it when I do find it. Wonderful!

  13. I want to sit on that white bench and watch the river go by. Simply lovely.


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