Sunday 21 February 2010

Sunday in the Country
Viennese Escapes

Country Road
Close to the Hungarian Border
near the hamlet of Kittsee
Burgenland Region

"Border Runs
Along the Middle of Path"

Hiking along a dirt road,
I encountered the above sign.
I decided to be adventerous
and walk back to the car
on the
Hungarian side.

The Iron Curtain
supplanted by snows of yesteryear


21 February 2010
near Kittsee
40 miles southeast
of Vienna

Images and text
© by Merisi


  1. I love the last photo especially. Beautiful.

  2. For more pictures from the Hungarian border click on the post's title, please!

  3. Purest Green,
    thank you! :-)

  4. How funny! No guards, no guns, no fence, an easily crossable border...How refreshing!

  5. Pat,
    it still seems surreal, walking there and thinking that two decades ago one probably would have been shot for trespassing!

  6. Times have sure change a lot for everyone in that area the last 15 years. I am glad the iron curtain it a trough of water.

  7. flat, remote, cold and thats just how l feel..strange that you find things or attract places that seem to fit the mood, or is it the t'other way round?

    saz x

  8. Isn't it wonderful to have all that razor wire removed and be able to move within Europ without restrictions. It is te first time in history that that is possible. For too long barons, kings and countries have been jealously guarding pieces of the earth the freedom of which really belongs to all.

  9. Abstract art, that last photo! Do you know what was growing in the fields? Barley, perhaps?

  10. L.D. Burgus,
    no more Iron Curtain still seems like a miracle.

    Fab, feisty and fifty,
    Saz, it was really not cold and spring definitely in the air! :-)

    I agree! :-)

    Vicki Lane,
    I think you are right, winter barley, planted in the fall and ready to continue growing the moment the snow is gone.

  11. Wow, the ACTUAL iron curtain... sometimes we forget that these history-book places really exist!

    I love the contrast of the crucifix and the eolic mill in the bacground in your first photo.

    That snow looks chilly, in case you're a cornmeal comfort food lover, I've updated the Polenta series, care to taste THREE more toppings?

    E xx

  12. All through my childhood I heard about the Iron Curtain and the horrors attached to it. Glad it's only a furrow now. Beautiful photographs.

  13. Interesting to see these views and the snow barriers. Also the Italian oned.

  14. Crucifixes always give me pause; I even had one on my blog last Sunday, an unusual one. It's appropriate for Lent.


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